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CHINA MERCHANTS SECURITIES, established in 1993 and headquartered in Shenzhen, is a key part of the China Merchants Group. It inherits the Group's century-old ethos of innovation and market management. Since its inception, relying on the Group's international operations and robust style, it has grown over three decades into a leading, fully licensed securities company in China’s market.

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Company Background

As a securities firm, CHINA MERCHANTS SECURITIES, registered the domain in December 22, 2002, officially known as China Merchants Securities Co., Ltd. It was established on August 1, 1993, in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. The history of CHINA MERCHANTS SECURITIES traces back to the long development process of the China Merchants Group, marking the Group's deep layout in the financial field.

In November 2009, CHINA MERCHANTS SECURITIES successfully issued A-shares and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange's main board (stock code 600999), becoming an important participant in the capital market. In October 2016, CHINA MERCHANTS SECURITIES expanded its capital market influence by issuing H-shares and listing for the first time on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code 06099), achieving a step towards the internationalization of capital operations.

Company registration information

China Merchants Securities WHOIS domain registration time

China Merchants Securities (Hong Kong) Limited, originally known as U.B. SECURITIES LIMITED, was established in 1986 in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. As an important overseas branch of CHINA MERCHANTS SECURITIES, the company's main business includes securities brokerage, securities dealing, and securities underwriting. Relying on its parent company's strong brand and capital strength, in addition to traditional securities trading services, it is also committed to providing clients with a diverse range of financial products and solutions, including but not limited to corporate financing, asset management, and financial advisory services. This signifies that CHINA MERCHANTS SECURITIES has not only a deep development foundation in the mainland Chinese market but also demonstrates its global business expansion capabilities and international operational level in the international financial center of Hong Kong.

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Business Scope and Layout

CHINA MERCHANTS SECURITIES has a broad business scope, covering securities brokerage, securities investment consulting, financial advisory, proprietary securities trading, securities asset management, and more, forming an all-encompassing service system that includes investment banking, asset management, international operations, and comprehensive financial services. In mainland China, CHINA MERCHANTS SECURITIES has 13 subsidiaries and 265 offices, establishing a dense service network. In addition, CHINA MERCHANTS SECURITIES has also set up subsidiaries in Hong Kong, the UK, and South Korea, advancing its international business strategy.

Furthermore, CHINA MERCHANTS SECURITIES wholly owns China Merchants Securities International Company Limited, China Merchants Futures Company Limited, China Merchants Securities Asset Management Company Limited, and holds shares in Bosera Fund Management Co., Ltd, and China Merchants Fund Management Co., Ltd., providing comprehensive and professional financial services to clients through these platforms.

Business segments

Corporate Culture and Development Philosophy

CHINA MERCHANTS SECURITIES adheres to the core values of “national loyalty, responsibility to the era; striving for innovation, and pursuit of long-lasting achievements,” aiming to become “a distinctive, innovative leader, quality-first, and outstanding contributor to China’s best investment bank.” Amid the increasingly fierce competition in the financial market, CHINA MERCHANTS SECURITIES not only pursues its own commercial success but also focuses on its positive role in promoting China’s economic transformation and upgrading, as well as in helping protect and increase social wealth.

To achieve this grand goal, CHINA MERCHANTS SECURITIES continuously strengthens internal management, enhances service quality, strengthens risk control, and ensures the company's stable operation with a scientific and rational risk management framework. Meanwhile, CHINA MERCHANTS SECURITIES actively expands innovative business and utilizes advanced technology to improve service efficiency and quality to meet the diverse financial needs of clients.

Company introduction

Social Responsibility and Future Outlook

CHINA MERCHANTS SECURITIES is acutely aware of its social responsibility as a financial institution, committed to creating more value for society through its professional services. In its future development path, CHINA MERCHANTS SECURITIES will continue to deepen reforms, innovate development models, strengthen the synergistic effect of domestic and foreign markets, and provide clients with more comprehensive, efficient, and professional financial services.

At the same time, CHINA MERCHANTS SECURITIES will continue to uphold the “client-first” service philosophy, constantly optimize customer service experience, and strive to provide investors in the capital market with more stable, transparent, and efficient services. Through superior performance and professional services, CHINA MERCHANTS SECURITIES strives to become a trusted company for clients, a source of pride for employees, satisfying for shareholders, and respected by society, making a greater contribution to the development of China's financial market.


Established in 1993, CHINA MERCHANTS SECURITIES is an important part of China Merchants Group, inheriting the Group's century-old spirit of innovation and management philosophy. As a fully licensed securities firm, CHINA MERCHANTS SECURITIES not only issues A-shares and H-shares in China's capital market, expanding its influence, but also has a broad business scope, including securities brokerage, investment consulting, and more, with global branches advancing its international strategy. The company adheres to the values of “national loyalty and striving for innovation,” committed to becoming China’s best investment bank. By optimizing services, strengthening risk control, and expanding innovative business, CHINA MERCHANTS SECURITIES aims to create more value for clients, employees, shareholders, and society. Looking forward, it will continue to deepen reforms and provide comprehensive, efficient, and professional financial services, promoting the development of the financial market.

Currently, CHINA MERCHANTS SECURITIES is marked as “Active” on TraderKnows.

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What is CHINA MERCHANTS SECURITIES's official website?

A: CHINA MERCHANTS SECURITIES's official website is https://www.cmschina.com/


Is CHINA MERCHANTS SECURITIES a legitimate company, or is it a scam?

A: CHINA MERCHANTS SECURITIES is currently marked as Active on TraderKnows.



A: CHINA MERCHANTS SECURITIES is a Stock, Futures, Brokerage company.

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