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CYTBF is a forex broker brand operated by CYTBF FOREX EXCHANGE LTD, a company established on September 27, 2020. With the company number 20201839236, it is an active entity in the international financial markets. The headquarters are located at 1099 18th Street, Denver, Colorado, USA. Originating in London, UK, the company is governed by the British Business and Industrial Association and is regulated by the U.S. Money Services Business (MSB).

Services Offered

CYTBF offers a diverse range of financial trading products, including foreign exchange, precious metals, energy, and major global indices, aiming to meet the needs of various individual and institutional clients.

  • Forex Trading: CYTBF provides trading in various mainstream foreign exchange currency pairs.
  • Precious Metals: This includes spot trading of metals like gold and silver.
  • Crude Oil: The company offers trading in U.S. crude oil.
  • Indices: Covering indices like the Hong Kong Hang Seng Index, German Index, and the Standard & Poor's 500 Index.
  • Cryptocurrencies: Trading in mainstream digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple.

Company Goals and Vision

CYTBF aims to achieve a high turnover rate by offering competitive spreads and a diverse range of financial trading products, coupled with the use of advanced trading platforms. The company is dedicated to bridging the gap between institutional and retail trading, providing a fair trading platform for traders at all levels.

Customer Base and Market Performance

CYTBF attracts a diverse customer base, including trading novices, experienced traders, fund managers, and trading institutions. The company emphasizes maintaining good relationships with multiple liquidity providers, including international banks, to ensure the liquidity of client funds.

Market Positioning and Competitive Landscape

As an active player in the international financial markets, CYTBF faces competition from other companies in the industry. Its market positioning depends on its ability to distinguish itself in offering a variety of trading products and services.

Compliance and Regulation

CYTBF is registered with the U.S. National Futures Association (NFA), with a registration ID of 0560247. Additionally, it holds a U.S. Fincen MSB license, with a registration ID of 31000258736969.

Challenges and Opportunities

As a relatively young company, CYTBF faces challenges in establishing its brand and expanding its market share. However, the dynamic changes in the global financial markets and technological innovations present new opportunities for the company.


CYTBF FOREX EXCHANGE LTD, as a young and dynamic company, provides a diverse range of trading products and services in the international financial services market. Facing intense market competition and an ever-changing financial environment, CYTBF continues to expand its influence and presence in the international financial markets.

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What is the official website of CYTBF?

The official website of CYTBF is https://cytbf-fx.com/.


Is CYTBF legit or scam?

CYTBF is currently listed as Active on TraderKnows.


What kind of company is CYTBF?

CYTBF is a Forex, CFD, Brokerage company.

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