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Sumscope, established in April 2010, is a financial media company that has been dedicated to becoming a professional financial information service provider. Deeply rooted in the RMB financial markets, its mission is to offer market participants more transparent and standardized financial data and tools.

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Company Background

As a financial media entity, Sumscope's domain was registered on November 10, 2010, under Ningbo Sumscope Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Shanghai JinYushi Information Technology Co., Ltd.). Since its establishment in 2010, it has primarily focused on software development and information technology services.

Based in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, the company is committed to providing customers with professional software products and high-quality information technology solutions. Through continuous technological innovation and service optimization, Ningbo Sumscope Information Technology Co., Ltd. aims to enhance customer business efficiency, foster digital transformation and upgrading, and become an outstanding enterprise in the information technology service sector.

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Technological Innovation and Service Upgrade

Constantly leveraging technological innovation, Sumscope has introduced various services and products. In 2012, the company launched a money broker system, significantly enhancing the efficiency of China's fixed-income market. Followed by the Qeubee terminal, which comprehensively integrated real-time bond quotes, including trading data from the Foreign Exchange Trading Center, SHSE, SZSE, and CFETS, covering various asset classes. By 2015, the company had introduced a new bond issuance system, realizing the full electronic process of new bond marketing and bidding, further expanding its service range. The fixed income trading system introduced in 2018 has made institutional investing and decision-making more efficient and precise.

Honors and Recognition

Sumscope's outstanding performance has won high recognition from the market and industry. In 2014, the company was selected for the Microsoft Cloud Acceleration Program, becoming one of the 19 high-tech companies recognized by Microsoft in the Greater China region, and received the "Most Promising Award" from the China Bond Club. Subsequently, Sumscope has continuously won multiple awards, including Deloitte's "China Rising Star" and the "Excellent Technology Award" from the China Bond Financial Valuation Center, demonstrating its leading position and technological innovation capability in the financial information service sector.

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Corporate Culture and Business Philosophy

Sumscope upholds the business philosophy of creating long-term value for clients, driving business development in a simple and sustainable way. The company's culture emphasizes technological innovation and service upgrade, dedicated to building a global RMB market financial data network. By providing professional financial information services, Sumscope empowers clients in their investment and trading decisions, helping market participants capture opportunities and manage risks. After more than a decade of relentless effort, Sumscope's services have been widely recognized by over 10,000 RMB market bond investment institutions and professional investors as a trusted data provider.

Corporate Culture and Business Philosophy

Looking Forward

Looking to the future, Sumscope will continue to focus on technological innovation, constantly enriching and perfecting the provision of financial data and tools. The company will further deepen its service in the RMB financial markets, committed to becoming a builder of the global RMB market financial data network. As the financial markets continue to evolve and change, Sumscope will keep optimizing its products and services, offering more accurate and efficient financial information services to clients, facing challenges together and seizing the future.


Since its establishment in 2010, Sumscope has achieved significant success in the RMB financial market realm with its technological strength and market insight. As a part of Ningbo Sumscope Information Technology Co., Ltd., it focuses on providing professional financial information services. Through technological innovation and service upgrade, it meets market demands, launching products like the money broker system, Qeubee terminal, etc., and improving market efficiency. The company has gained wide recognition in the industry, including selection for the Microsoft Cloud Acceleration Program and various awards. Sumscope is committed to being a builder of the global RMB market financial data network, continuously offering precise and efficient services, and facing future challenges.

Currently, Sumscope is marked as "Open for Business" on TraderKnows.

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FAQ About Sumscope


What is the official website of Sumscope?

The official website of Sumscope is http://www.sumscope.com/.


Is Sumscope legit or scam?

Sumscope is currently listed as Active on TraderKnows.


What kind of company is Sumscope?

Sumscope is a Multi-Asset, Media company.

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