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Spark Systems is a liquidity provider focused on the foreign exchange sector, founded by Ye Ting Song and Wong Joo Seng in 2016, headquartered in Singapore. Spark Systems' main product is the Spark Electronic Foreign Exchange Platform, which covers various trading needs such as foreign exchange, digital currency, and precious metals. This platform provides functions such as execution algorithms, market making and connection capabilities, and direct processing, which can achieve its performance in various market environments.

Business Scope

Spark Systems' business scope mainly covers the following aspects:

  1. Liquidity provider: The main goal of the company is to provide liquidity support to participants in the foreign exchange market (such as financial institutions and enterprises), ensuring the effective operation of the market and the smooth progress of transactions.
  2. Foreign Exchange Trading Platform: Provide a foreign exchange trading platform called "Spark Electronic Foreign Exchange Platform" to meet the foreign exchange trading needs of financial institutions and corporate clients.
  3. Built in risk control system: helps customers effectively manage and control transaction risks, ensuring the stable operation of business and transaction security.
  4. Technical support and customer support: Provide timely assistance and answer questions for customers when using their foreign exchange trading platform.

Customer Base

Spark Systems' customer base is mainly positioned in financial institutions and enterprises, especially in the field of foreign exchange trading. The following are the main types of its customer base:

  1. Banks: including various commercial banks, investment banks, and central banks. These institutions need to use Spark Systems' foreign exchange trading platform for currency trading and foreign exchange business.
  2. Financial Exchange: The exchange is the core of the financial market, collaborating with Spark Systems to provide foreign exchange trading and related services.
  3. Hedge funds and asset management companies: Hedge funds and asset management companies use Spark Systems' platform for foreign exchange trading to manage investment portfolios and hedge risks.
  4. Corporate clients: In addition to financial institutions, large multinational corporations and small and medium-sized enterprises are also clients of Spark Systems. This type of customer uses the platform for foreign exchange payments and transactions to manage cross-border business.

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FAQ About Spark Systems


What is the official website of Spark Systems?

The official website of Spark Systems is http://www.sparksystems.sg.


Is Spark Systems legit or scam?

Spark Systems is currently listed as Active on TraderKnows.


What kind of company is Spark Systems?

Spark Systems is a Forex, Liquidity Provider company.

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