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Shanghai Securities News is a financial media company established in 1993, with the mission to provide services and be responsible to investors. Shanghai Securities News boasts a diverse media portfolio that includes newspapers, websites, apps, videos, WeChat, and Weibo, creating a comprehensive media matrix that focuses on the disclosure of securities market information and the reporting of financial news.

Company Background

Founded on June 11, 1993, and overseen by Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai Securities News Co., Ltd. is managed by Ye Guobiao. The company is registered on the 19th and 21st floors of Dongyuan Road, No. 18, in China (Shanghai) Free Trade Zone, with the unified social credit code of 91310115133731624X.

Shanghai Securities News Registration Information

Whois Inquiry

According to Whois search, the official website domain name of Shanghai Securities News, cnstock.com, was registered on December 1, 1998.

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Management Team/Leadership Information

Under the leadership of Ye Guobiao, the management team of Shanghai Securities News consists of experienced and highly professional individuals, ensuring the content quality and service level meet the highest standards.

Company Vision

Adhering to the philosophy of focusing on the global capital market, conveying authoritative financial information, and serving a wide range of investors, Shanghai Securities News is committed to becoming the most influential financial news service provider.

Platform and Influence

Shanghai Securities News ranks highly among national financial and securities newspapers in terms of circulation, readership, and reprint rate. Its influence spans various levels of the financial market, including sectors like securities, banking, and insurance.

Shanghai Securities News Official Website

Products and Services

The newspaper provides services involving news reporting, market analysis, and investment strategy guidance, establishing a comprehensive media broadcasting matrix through newspapers, websites, apps, videos, WeChat, and Weibo.

Featured Content

As an authoritative platform for market information disclosure, Shanghai Securities News provides in-depth coverage of capital market dynamics, professional analysis, and insightful interpretations, offering real-time and accurate financial information to investors.


With its comprehensive, professional, and authoritative financial reporting, proactive reforms, and successful expansion into new media, Shanghai Securities News solidifies its significant position among both domestic and international financial media. Currently, Shanghai Securities News is marked as "operating normally" on Traderkonws.

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FAQ About Shanghai Securities News


What is Shanghai Securities News's official website?

A: Shanghai Securities News's official website is https://www.cnstock.com/


Is Shanghai Securities News a legitimate company, or is it a scam?

A: Shanghai Securities News is currently marked as Active on TraderKnows.


What is Shanghai Securities News?

A: Shanghai Securities News is a Stock, Media company.

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