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ZELFINEX is a cryptocurrency broker registered in Cyprus, mainly providing trading services for cryptocurrencies and futures. ZELFINEX uses false regulatory information for promotion and engages in deceptive behavior that misleads investors. Investors should be cautious about the services offered by this broker.

Company Background:

The corporate entity of ZELFINEX is Zelfinex Group Ltd, with registration number HE 282265, headquartered in Cyprus. Its subsidiary, Zelfinex Overseas Ltd, is regulated by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC) with a license number of 17933. Zelfinex Group Ltd's brands include Zelfinex Wealth and Zelfinex Prime, both of which are its registered trademarks. The broker's domain was registered on December 23, 2022, less than two years ago.

ZELFINEX domain registration time

Regulatory Status:

Zelfinex Group Ltd claims to offer trading services for financial derivatives such as cryptocurrencies and futures, regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) with license number 150/11, as well as regulated by the VFSC with the regulation number of 17933.
However, according to the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), the license number 150/11 belongs to JFD Group Ltd, with its registered websites being www.jfdbrokers.com, www.jfdchange.com, www.jfdeurope.com, and www.jfdpartners.com. These do not match the information claimed by the Zelfinex platform. Inquiries made to the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC) did not find any company name or license number related to Zelfinex. Hence, it is clear that the platform's promotional claims are false, and it is not regulated by any authority.

Zelfinex's Cyprus regulatory inquiry

Zelfinex's Vanuatu regulatory inquiry

Zelfinex's Vanuatu regulatory information

Trading Products:

ZELFINEX is a financial derivatives broker, focusing on providing trading services for cryptocurrencies and futures. Trading products include transactions on core spreads and low commission payments based on order size. Moreover, the broker claims to offer physical trading services, allowing traders to directly participate in the market. Trading cryptocurrencies on the ZELFINEX platform can earn commissions and supports positive slippage. The broker provides the Unique+ platform as well as supports other third-party platforms, offering traders customized add-ons and tools. However, traders need to carefully assess their needs and risk tolerance to make decisions that align with their interests.

Zelfinex's trading products

Account Registration:

ZELFINEX is a broker where users can register a real account by visiting its official website and clicking the “OPEN ACCOUNT” button in the top right corner. During the registration process, users are required to fill in basic information including name, phone number, email, country, and set an account password. After submitting the information, users can complete the registration of a real account. Currently, ZELFINEX does not provide a demo account. Furthermore, the types of accounts offered by ZELFINEX have not been explicitly disclosed.

Zelfinex's account registration

Trading Software:

ZELFINEX broker has not yet disclosed detailed information about its trading software, including the name, features, and functionalities of the trading platform. Moreover, unlike many other brokers, ZELFINEX currently does not offer well-known trading platforms such as MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5). Users might find it difficult to understand the features and usage of ZELFINEX's trading platform.

Customer Support:

ZELFINEX broker's customer support is mainly provided via email. Users can contact the customer service team by sending emails to info@Zelfinex.com or support@Zelfinex.com. However, the broker currently does not offer phone support or online chat services, which might affect the user experience when needing to resolve issues promptly.


ZELFINEX is a broker that uses false regulatory information, appropriating other brokers' regulatory information to deceive investors. Key information such as account types, trading software, spreads, and leverage have not been clearly disclosed. Investors should remain vigilant towards this broker to avoid using its financial derivatives trading services and protect their assets. Currently, ZELFINEX is marked as "Suspected Fraud" on TraderKnows.

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What is the official website of ZELFINEX?

The official website of ZELFINEX is https://www.zelfinex.com/index.


Is ZELFINEX legit or scam?

ZELFINEX is currently listed as Suspected Fraud on TraderKnows.


What kind of company is ZELFINEX?

ZELFINEX is a Crypto, Brokerage company.

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