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East Money, founded in Shanghai in 2004 by Shen Jun, is a financial and securities portal website. Shen Jun is acclaimed by the Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao as "the first researcher of China's B-share." The website covers a wide range of financial sectors, including finance, stocks, funds, futures, bonds, foreign exchange, banking, insurance and more, providing users with convenient query services. It updates tens of thousands of data and financial information every day, helping users quickly access financial and wealth management information.

The business scope of the website includes the following:

  1. Securities Business: Mainly through companies like "East Money Securities," "East Money Futures," and "East Money International Securities," it offers users securities and futures brokerage services.
  2. Financial E-commerce Services: Primarily through "Tiantian Fund", it provides users with third-party fund sales services.
  3. Financial Data Services: Mainly based on financial data terminals, it offers specialized financial data services to users via PC and mobile platforms.
  4. Internet Advertising Services: It provides clients with internet advertising services in the form of text, images, and other formats on Eastmoney.com, various professional channels, interactive communities, and other webpages.

Since its inception, East Money has received several honors:

In 2018, it was awarded the "Top 100 Chinese Internet Companies" by the China Internet Association and the Information Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

In 2019, it received the "Top 100 Shanghai Private Enterprises" and "Top 100 Shanghai Service Enterprises" honors from the Shanghai Enterprise Confederation, Shanghai Entrepreneur Association, and JieFang Daily.

In 2021, it was recognized with the honor of "Excellent Organizing" at the 2021 National Internet Laws and Regulations Knowledge Cloud Competition.

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FAQ About East Money


What is the official website of East Money?

The official website of East Money is http://www.eastmoney.com.


Is East Money legit or scam?

East Money is currently listed as Active on TraderKnows.


What kind of company is East Money?

East Money is a Stock, Multi-Asset, Media company.

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