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TransactCloud is a financial technology company established in 2018, headquartered in Singapore and officially registered as TSCloud SG Pte. Ltd. As a enterprise in financial industry, its primary business scope covers providing technical solutions for OTC market participants,especially in infrastructure serTransactCloudvices, trading platforms, and system interoperability consulting. The company's products include multiple trading platforms, such as HydraX, AQR Trader, TraderEvolution, MT4/MT5, and FXone.

Development History

  1. In 2018, TransactCloud was established in San Francisco, California, USA, with the aim of utilizing advanced technology and innovative concepts to provide solutions for OTC market participants.
  2. From 2019 to 2020, TransactCloud began to develop and launch a white label Cryptocurrency trading platform to provide customers with customized, safe and efficient trading services. TransactCloud also provides digital wallet, payment gateway and other products to provide customers with one-stop Cryptocurrency solutions.
  3. Since 2021, TransactCloud has established a network with multiple global partners to provide IT solutions for OTC market participants in different regions and countries. TransactCloud also continuously improves and optimizes its products and services, supporting multiple languages, currencies, and transaction modes to meet the diverse needs of customers.

Business Scope

  1. White label solution: Enable customers to customize their trading platform and related services as their own brand and provide trading services to customers under their brand.
  2. MAM and documentary trading implementation and operational support: The company provides implementation and operational support for fund managers (MAM) and documentary trading (investing with trader strategies).
  3. Trading platforms: Provide multiple trading platforms, such as HydraX, AQR Trader, TraderEvolution, MT4/MT5, and FXone, for trading foreign exchange and other financial assets.
  4. Global custody and liquidity solutions: Provide global custody services to ensure the safe custody of customer transaction data and funds, while also providing liquidity solutions to ensure transaction liquidity.
  5. API Solution: Provide customers with API (Application Programming Interface) solutions to help them integrate their existing systems with trading platforms.
  6. Payment Consulting: The company provides payment consulting services to customers, helping them handle payment issues and needs in transactions.
  7. Liquidity supply consulting: Provide clients with consulting services related to liquidity supply to meet transaction needs.
  8. CRM/backend consulting: The company provides consulting services for customers in CRM (customer relationship management) and backend management to optimize customer service and operational management.
  9. Risk management technology consulting: Provide consulting services related to risk management technology to clients, helping them effectively identify and manage transaction risks.

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FAQ About TransactCloud


What is the official website of TransactCloud?

The official website of TransactCloud is https://transactcloud.com/.


Is TransactCloud legit or scam?

TransactCloud is currently listed as Active on TraderKnows.


What kind of company is TransactCloud?

TransactCloud is a Multi-Asset, FinTech company.

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