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ThinkingFinance, established in 2008, is situated in Beijing. This media company specializes in providing investors with tailored investment solutions, personalized investment advice, as well as delivering real-time market insights and data analysis to help investors keep abreast of market dynamics.

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Company Background

ThinkingFinance operates under the legal entity name of Beijing Quantum ThinkingFinance

Technology Co., Ltd, which was founded on June 6, 2008. The company director is Lu Ping, and its specific address is Tower 1A, 0809, Wangjing SOHO Office Building, No.1 Futong East Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing. Its Unified Social Credit Code is 91110113676640219W.

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Whois Inquiry

According to Whois information, the domain name of ThinkingFinance was registered on January 8, 2013.

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Management Team

ThinkingFinance is led by an experienced and dynamic management team, with Lu Ping serving as the executive director and Gao Fangfang as the supervisor. The team members possess extensive professional knowledge and successful experience in finance, technology, and marketing. The leadership team prioritizes customer interests, dedicated to providing users with the highest quality services and professional advice.

Platform and Influence

Over thirteen years of development, ThinkingFinance has become a leading content and terminal platform in China and a powerful provider of financial information, cooperating with nearly a thousand content creators. Using intelligent tools, it processes nearly ten thousand pieces of financial information daily, influencing the trading decisions of nearly ten million investors every day.

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Products and Services

ThinkingFinance, firmly rooted in the Chinese market, closely aligns with the characteristics of various industries, deeply mines customer value, focuses on establishing customer brand image, leverages its formidable data research capabilities, integrates current market trends, and quickly responds to changes in customer needs. It offers customers valuable, data-driven, research-based, high-quality, and reliable industry brand customization services and product promotion solutions.

Featured Content

ThinkingFinance owns a top domestic content distribution platform that deeply connects with nearly 300 million financial audience, tens of thousands of financial institutions, and publicly traded companies through its website, mobile platforms, and various channels like WeChat Official Accounts, Toutiao, and Baijia. Combining financial big data resources, fintech, and other advantages, it provides a comprehensive review of industry market trends. Currently, the company has provided continuous services to over 1000 publicly traded companies, brokerages, banks, and other enterprises and institutions.


ThinkingFinance is a leading enterprise committed to providing comprehensive financial services. Since its establishment, it has achieved remarkable success in the financial sector with its professional management team and rich industry experience. The products and services offered by ThinkingFinance include financial consulting, investment management, and market analysis, covering stocks, funds, futures, and more, providing users with comprehensive investment advice and personalized services.

Currently, ThinkingFinance is marked as " Normal Operations" in TraderKnows.

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FAQ About ThinkingFinance


What is the official website of ThinkingFinance?

The official website of ThinkingFinance is https://www.investorchina.cn/.


Is ThinkingFinance legit or scam?

ThinkingFinance is currently listed as Active on TraderKnows.


What kind of company is ThinkingFinance?

ThinkingFinance is a Multi-Asset, Media company.

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