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GNW is a forex broker headquartered in Chicago, USA, specializing in trading and investment services for financial instruments such as forex, cryptocurrencies, and gold futures. The transparency of official website information is very low, and information on the company's background, development history, scale, etc., has not been disclosed. Moreover, GNW operates without regulation, highlighting the potential risks inherent in an unregulated trading environment.

Company Background:

The corporate entity of GNW is GNW LTD, registered in the United States, and is an emerging broker focused on financial trading. According to the official GNW website at https://gnwjp.com/, the company provides trading and investment services for various financial instruments, including forex, cryptocurrencies, and gold futures. The broker's official website was registered on March 3, 2024, indicating a very short establishment period. To date, the company has not disclosed information such as its development history, number of employees, branch offices, organizational structure, and governance model.

  • Office Address: The company's office is located at 200 W Madison St, Chicago, IL 60606 United States.
  • Company History: The development timeline, milestone events, or significant achievements of GNW have not been disclosed, making such information currently unavailable.
  • Company Size: As of now, GNW has not disclosed the number of employees, branch offices, or other information.
GNW's domain registration time

Is GNW a Safe and Legitimate Broker?

GNW is an emerging broker with a US NFA ID of 0562672, but it is not a member of the US NFA and is not regulated in any form. This means that the company operates in an unregulated environment. Investors should be clearly aware that GNW operates without any form of regulation, thus exposing them to potential risks in an unregulated trading environment.

The lack of regulation means a lack of oversight and the protective and remedial measures usually provided by regulatory agencies. Trading with an unregulated broker requires extra caution. Investors considering trading with GNW should carefully assess the risks and act prudently. It is advised that investors avoid such brokers and choose those that are legally and strictly regulated.

GNW's US NFA regulation query

Trading Products:

GNW broker offers investors a variety of trading products, covering forex, cryptocurrencies, and investment trusts. These trading products provide investors with a wealth of investment options and flexibility, allowing them to tailor their investment strategies according to their personal preferences and risk tolerance.

  • Forex Trading:

Forex trading, or foreign exchange market trading, refers to the trading of price movements between currencies of different countries by investors on the global forex market. GNW's forex trading products cover various major currency pairs, including but not limited to the Euro (EUR), US Dollar (USD), Japanese Yen (JPY), British Pound (GBP), Swiss Franc (CHF), Australian Dollar (AUD), Canadian Dollar (CAD), New Zealand Dollar (NZD), and the Chinese Yuan (CNY). The forex trading market is known for its high liquidity and 24-hour trading time.

GNW's forex trading
  • Cryptocurrency Trading:

Cryptocurrency trading refers to the act of buying and selling digital currencies on the cryptocurrency market. GNW offers trading products for various popular cryptocurrencies, including but not limited to Bitcoin (Bitcoin), Ethereum (Ethereum), Tether USDt (Tether USDt), Binance Coin (Binance Coin), Solana (Solana), XRP (XRP), Dogecoin (Dogecoin), Cardano (Cardano), SHIBA INU (SHIBA INU), and Avalanche (Avalanche). The cryptocurrency market is characterized by its high volatility and potential high returns, but also comes with higher risks.

GNW's cryptocurrency trading
  • Investment Trusts:

Investment trusts are investment funds managed by professional investment managers, designed to offer investors a diversified portfolio and long-term growth. GNW offers investment trust products to investors, which may include stocks, bonds, real estate, and other asset classes. Through investment trusts, investors can gain a broadly diversified portfolio at a relatively low cost, thereby reducing risk and achieving long-term financial goals.

GNW's investment trusts

Trading Platform:

GNW provides a trading platform where users can trade forex and other financial products. However, it is worth noting that the company does not offer MT4 or MT5 trading platforms, and its policies and procedures lack transparency. Information about the trading platform, account types, leverage, spreads, and commissions is unclear, preventing investors from obtaining more detailed information.

GNW's trading platform

Account Registration:

GNW encourages users to register an account and start trading immediately, but the official website does not provide clear steps for account registration. Despite the broker's claims of the simplicity and immediacy of account registration, users may find the website's functionality and information highly incomplete, making it impossible to register a trading account through the official website.

Information about account types is also lacking in clarity. No specific account types and details have been published on the official website, leaving users uninformed about the options available and their features.

  • Payment and Deposit:

Although the broker emphasizes the convenience of quick deposits and easy fund replenishments, specifics about payment methods and deposit procedures have not been clearly shown on the official website.

GNW's account registration

Customer Support:

GNW does not place great emphasis on customer support, failing to provide any contact information such as email, phone, or online services on the official website. The absence of clear contact details may cause inconvenience for customers in need of assistance and may affect their trust and satisfaction with the company.


GNW is a forex broker established in 2024, specializing in the trading and investment of financial instruments such as forex, cryptocurrencies, and gold futures. However, information on the company's background, development history, scale, and significant achievements has not been disclosed, resulting in a lack of transparency for investors. Additionally, the company lacks strict regulation and is not overseen by the US NFA or other regulatory bodies, meaning investors face potential risks when trading with GNW. Although the company offers a variety of trading products, including forex, cryptocurrencies, and investment trusts, the information on its trading platform, account registration, payment methods, and customer support is incomplete on the official website, causing confusion and uncertainty for investors. Therefore, investors should exercise caution when considering trading with GNW, and it is recommended to choose a legally and strictly regulated broker to protect their rights.

Currently, GNW is marked as "suspected Fraud" on TraderKnows.

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What is GNW's official website?

A: GNW's official website is https://gnwjp.com/


Is GNW a legitimate company, or is it a scam?

A: GNW is currently marked as Suspected Fraud on TraderKnows.


What is GNW?

A: GNW is a Forex, Brokerage company.

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