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Jinshihuijin Rebate Platform was registered and established in 2020, with its headquarters located in China. The company's official website domain is www.jinshihuijin.com. Jinshihuijin focuses on providing high-quality forex rebate services to its clients, with a management team that possesses extensive experience in the financial industry, offering professional market analysis, rebate plans, and customer support.

Cooperating Brokers:

Jinshihuijin collaborates closely with several well-known cooperating brokers to provide diversified forex rebate services to clients. Here are some of the cooperating brokers:

ETO Markets




These cooperating brokers are internationally renowned forex brokers, offering a wide range of forex trading products and tools to meet the diverse needs of clients.


About Jinshihuijin's Management Team:

Executive Director and General Manager - Bai Yongchun

Mr. Bai Yongchun serves as the Executive Director and General Manager of Jinshihuijin, bringing a wealth of experience in the financial industry. He plays a critical role in the daily management and strategic planning of the company, dedicated to ensuring clients receive the best forex rebate services.

Supervisor - Xia Chao

Mr. Xia Chao serves as the Supervisor of Jinshihuijin, responsible for overseeing the company's operations and compliance matters. His professional knowledge and experience contribute to ensuring that Jinshihuijin operates in a compliant and transparent environment.

Regulatory Overview:

Jinshihuijin places a strong emphasis on compliance and adheres to relevant financial regulatory laws and regulations. As a company providing forex rebate services, Jinshihuijin is subject to supervision by Chinese financial regulatory authorities. They are committed to providing clients with a secure and reliable trading environment and take necessary measures to safeguard client funds.

Financial Calendar:

Jinshihuijin provides a detailed financial calendar that covers important global economic events and indicator release dates. This financial calendar includes information on economic data releases, central bank policy meetings, crucial economic indicators, and more. It assists clients in staying informed about market dynamics and making informed trading decisions. The financial calendar is a powerful tool for clients to obtain critical market information.

Forex Encyclopedia:

Jinshihuijin's Forex Encyclopedia section is an educational resource designed to help clients better understand the forex market and trading strategies. This section provides articles, tutorials, and analyses related to the forex market, covering topics such as basic forex knowledge, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and more. Whether clients are beginners or experienced traders, the Forex Encyclopedia offers valuable information to enhance their trading skills and knowledge.

Competitors of Jinshihuijin:

In the field of forex rebates, Jinshihuijin faces competition from several competitors, including:

Rebate La

Financial Empire


Huike China

Forex Bar

Good Forex

Jinshihuijin competes with these competitors by continuously improving service quality, offering a variety of rebate plans, and providing comprehensive customer support to enhance the trading experience for clients.

Company's Operating Status:

According to information from Trading Circle, Jinshihuijin's operating status is currently displayed as normal operation. This indicates that Jinshihuijin maintains a good business operation in the market, providing stable and reliable forex rebate services to clients.

Registered Capital and Legal Representative:

Jinshihuijin has a registered capital of 1 million RMB, with Mr. Bai Yongchun serving as the legal representative. This demonstrates the company's solid financial foundation and management structure.


Jinshihuijin Rebate Platform is an emerging financial company specializing in providing forex rebate services to clients. Through collaboration with various cooperating brokers, they offer a diverse range of forex products and tools to clients. The management team at Jinshihuijin possesses extensive financial experience and is committed to providing clients with professional market analysis and support. The company emphasizes compliance and regulation while providing comprehensive financial services and information support to clients through regulatory oversight, financial calendars, and a forex encyclopedia. Despite facing strong competition, Jinshihuijin maintains a normal operating status in the forex rebate field, offering a stable and reliable trading environment. Whether clients are novice or experienced forex traders, Jinshihuijin is a worthwhile platform to consider, with its solid financial status and professional services making it a trusted choice in the market.

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FAQ About jinshihuijin


What is jinshihuijin's official website?

A: jinshihuijin's official website is http://www.jinshihuijin.com/


Is jinshihuijin a legitimate company, or is it a scam?

A: jinshihuijin is currently marked as Active on TraderKnows.


What is jinshihuijin?

A: jinshihuijin is a Forex, IB company.

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