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360T is a liquidity bridging enterprise focused on the foreign exchange field, established in 2000. The company is affiliated with DEUTSCHE BORSE GROUP and its entity is 360 Treasury Systems AG. The company is headquartered in Frankfurt and has offices in the United States, Singapore, India, and Dubai. Its primary business covers trading platforms for over-the-counter financial instruments, foreign exchange, and interest rate derivatives.

Development History

  1. In 2000, 360T was established with a focus on foreign exchange trading.
  2. In 2015, DEUTSCHE BORSE GROUP acquired 360T and incorporated it into the group.
  3. Since 2016, 360T has expanded its business globally and has established offices in multiple countries to provide services closer to customers.

Business Scope

  1. Foreign Exchange Trading Platform: 360T provides a foreign exchange trading platform for financial institutions, enterprises, and individual investors to conduct foreign exchange transactions. This platform supports trading of multiple foreign exchange currency pairs, allowing users to buy and sell different currencies.
  2. Liquidity solutions: As a liquidity bridge enterprise, 360T provides liquidity solutions to help financial institutions and enterprises obtain a wider range of liquidity selection. By integrating quotes from multiple liquidity providers, 360T can provide more competitive foreign exchange trading prices.
  3. Foreign exchange and interest rate derivative trading: 360T provides users with a foreign exchange and interest rate derivative trading platform, supporting them in derivative trading, such as futures contracts, options, and interest rate swaps.
  4. Enterprise Financial Tools: 360T provides transaction workflow tools for enterprise finance, allowing enterprises to obtain liquidity from multiple liquidity providers and manage their foreign exchange risks.
  5. Bank Solutions: 360T provides banks with various solutions, including dynamic pricing engine technology and automated trading systems, to help banks effectively manage foreign exchange transactions and risks.
  6. Broker Management Tools: 360T provides broker management tools, including risk management and operational control, to support brokers' foreign exchange trading business.
  7. Technical Solutions: 360T provides technical solutions for liquidity providers to help them allocate liquidity to different customer groups.

Main Products

  1. EMS: An automated solution for enterprise finance and asset managers.
  2. Bridge: Provides real-time pricing GUI.
  3. SuperSonic Trader: Supports liquidity aggregation across multiple asset classes, connecting with multiple bilateral liquidity providers and anonymous ECNs.
  4. Active Trading Suite: A suite of three trading services, including 360TGTX ECN, Swaps Order Book 360T SUN, and Streaming NDFs services.

Language Support: English

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FAQ About 360T


What is 360T's official website?

A: 360T's official website is http://www.360t.com


Is 360T a legitimate company, or is it a scam?

A: 360T is currently marked as Active on TraderKnows.


What is 360T?

A: 360T is a Forex, Bridge company.

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