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Auric Markets Limited is a Forex broker registered in the United States in 2024, primarily offering investors trading services in Forex, precious metals, crude oil, stock indices, and other financial derivatives. This broker does not provide services to jurisdictions where it may violate local laws or regulations.

Company Registration Information:

Auric Markets Limited, a recently registered Forex broker in the United States, is located at 75 Wall St, New York, NY 10005, USA. The official domain of the broker was registered on February 23, 2024. Auric Markets Limited mainly offers trading services in Forex, precious metals, crude oil, stock indices, and other financial derivatives through its proprietary trading platform.

Auric Markets Limited

Auric Markets Limited

Regulatory Status:

Auric Markets Limited is regulated by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) and the National Futures Association (NFA) in the United States. It is registered with FinCEN with MSB registration number 31000265967159, and with the NFA with Registration ID 0562588. These regulatory bodies supervise and review the company's operations to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations, protecting investors' rights and promoting the healthy development of the financial market.

Auric Markets Limited

Auric Markets Limited

Opening an Account:

Auric Markets Limited offers a relatively simple and intuitive account registration process, providing clients with a convenient and efficient trading experience. Users can quickly access the account registration page by clicking the “Open an Account” button on the homepage or at the top right corner of the page.

On the registration page, users need to fill in personal information such as name and email address, and set a secure password to safeguard account security. Additionally, to complete the identity verification process, users are required to upload photos of their ID card and bank card. The aim of this step is to ensure the compliance and security of the registered account. Once all necessary information is filled in and uploaded, simply submitting the application will complete the account registration.

Auric Markets Limited

Auric Markets Limited

Trading Instruments:

Auric Markets Limited is a broker providing Forex trading services, aimed at offering investors a broad range of trading options. The company's trading instruments include Forex, precious metals, crude oil, and stock indices among other financial assets.

In terms of Forex trading, Auric Markets offers extremely low buy/sell spreads and high-speed execution, allowing investors to trade among 62 currency pairs to capitalize on market fluctuations for profit opportunities. Additionally, investors have the opportunity to trade in the precious metals market, speculating on the price action of the dollar against gold and silver to diversify their trading portfolio.

For cryptocurrency traders, Auric Markets offers a variety of mainstream cryptocurrency trading options, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, and Dash, enabling investors to participate in the cryptocurrency market. Moreover, the company also offers investors access to major international stock indices and the crude oil market, without commission, requotes, or hidden mark-up fees, providing a more transparent and fair trading environment for investors.

Auric Markets Limited’s Trading Instruments

Trading Platform:

Auric Markets Limited offers the ST5 trading platform, including versions for both PC and mobile.

Auric Markets Limited

Customer Support:

Auric Markets Limited is committed to providing comprehensive customer support services to ensure users receive the necessary help and support during their trading process. Clients can contact the Auric Markets customer service team via email at support@auricvip.com. Whether it's for account registration, trading operations, or other related inquiries, clients can send their questions to this email at any time and can expect prompt and professional responses.


Auric Markets Limited is a newly established Forex broker, offering related services through the ST5 trading platform. Additionally, this broker holds regulatory licenses from the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) and the National Futures Association (NFA) in the United States. Investors can further contact the broker by email for more information.

Currently, Auric Markets Limited is marked as "In-Operation" on Traderknows.

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FAQ About Auric Markets Limited


What is the official website of Auric Markets Limited?

The official website of Auric Markets Limited is https://auricvip.com.


Is Auric Markets Limited legit or scam?

Auric Markets Limited is currently listed as In-Operation on TraderKnows.


What kind of company is Auric Markets Limited?

Auric Markets Limited is a Forex, Brokerage company.

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