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Tianwangcha, as a forex trading platform supervision inquiry app under Guangzhou Speed ​​Technology Co., Ltd., adheres to the principle of real-time synchronization of regulatory information, aiming to help a wide range of traders accurately distinguish the authenticity and pros and cons of various trading platforms. Through the Tianwangcha APP, users can not only objectively score platforms based on personal experience but also directly view the regulatory information of brokers, eliminating the possibility of paid fake ratings, ensuring the authenticity and authority of the information. The design of the intelligent search engine enables users to quickly match the most suitable trading platform for their needs, thus providing a strong guarantee for users' investment decisions.

Core Features

The Tianwangcha APP is currently available for iOS and Android, offering excellent compatibility and convenience. In addition, it supports third-party account logins such as WeChat, phone, and Weibo, greatly simplifying the user operation process. The main functional highlights of the APP include:

  • Broker Inquiry: Covers information on over 10,000 brokers globally, involving more than 30 countries and regulatory authorities, providing users with vast and comprehensive platform information.
  • Platform Scoring: The APP grants users the right to evaluate the quality of financial platforms. Through multi-dimensional critical data evaluation, it presents the most authentic aspect of trading platforms.
  • Complaint Center: Provides users with one-stop services for exposure, consultation, and complaints, pointing directly at problem platforms, helping users establish an effective self-protection mechanism.
  • Regulatory Source Inquiry: Directly connects with the regulatory source, obtaining real and authoritative platform regulatory information, and through user-friendly translation, makes it simple and understandable, ensuring the accuracy of the information.

Vision and Mission

Tianwangcha is committed to becoming the most authoritative and professional currency trading inquiry software. By providing real, authoritative, and comprehensive financial platform information, Tianwangcha aims to enhance the transparency of financial trading platforms and provide guidance and help to users in investment decisions. Its mission is to help users avoid investment traps, protect their asset safety, and promote the healthy development of the financial market.


"Inquire about platforms, no falsification. The quality of the platform, users have the final say." This slogan accurately conveys the core values of the Tianwangcha APP: based on users' real experiences and evaluations to ensure the authenticity and effectiveness of inquiry information, thereby helping users make wiser investment choices.

In Conclusion

In the current complex and changing financial market environment, the emergence of the Tianwangcha APP provides financial investors with a sharp "mine detector." Whether for seasoned investors or market newcomers, Tianwangcha can offer the help and support within its power, allowing them to invest more steadily in the unpredictable financial market, maximizing risk avoidance, and achieving steady growth of assets. With the continuous advancement of financial technology, Tianwangcha will continue to improve and upgrade, bringing users a higher quality, more convenient service experience, and jointly promoting the transparency and standardization process of the financial market.

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FAQ About Tianwangcha


What is the official website of Tianwangcha?

The official website of Tianwangcha is https://www.tianwangcha.org/.


Is Tianwangcha legit or scam?

Tianwangcha is currently listed as Active on TraderKnows.


What kind of company is Tianwangcha?

Tianwangcha is a Forex, Media company.

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