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Invesco is a Japanese brokerage website, accessible at https://www.invescc.com/jp. However, this website is actually a fraudulent site masquerading as the well-known investment management company Invesco, entirely copying content from the official Invesco Japanese website. The legitimate Invesco website for Japan is https://www.invesco.com/jp.

Corporate Information:

The domain name of the counterfeit website was registered on January 12, 2024. The website offers personal and corporate investment accounts, dealing in a variety of investment vehicles including domestic equity funds, international equity funds, international bond funds, balanced funds, Invesco Global Select Stock Opening Fund, Invesco Global Consumer Growth Equity Fund, Invesco Real Assets Growth Fund, Invesco Global Blockchain Equity Fund, Invesco Premier Plus Fund, and Invesco Global Green Bond Fund among others.





Account Opening:

The true Invesco website for Japan does not provide an option to open an account, whereas the counterfeit website offers an additional feature for account opening.

To open an account through this website, users need to enter the account registration page via the "Personal Account Application/Login" at the top right corner of the webpage. They are required to fill in personal information such as telephone number, email address, and set a login password before submission. However, it has been found that the password setup process is faulty, leading to errors that prevent form submission.





www.invescc.com/jp is a Japanese scam website with neither registered entity nor regulatory information. All webpage information is plagiarized from the official website of the well-known American investment management company Invesco's Japanese section, with the real Invesco Japan website being www.invesco.com/jp. There is only one letter's difference between these two URLs, making them extremely confusing.

In today's digital investment environment, protecting personal property security is crucial. However, with the rampant increase in online fraud, investors need to remain vigilant at all times to avoid falling victim to malicious actors. Traderknows offers the following advice to investors in hopes of helping them safeguard their property security:

  1. Carefully Verify: Before engaging in any investment activities, it is essential to verify the authenticity and legality of the websites involved. This can be done through various means, including checking regulatory agency registration information and contacting reputable financial institutions for verification.
  2. Heighten Vigilance: Stay vigilant and do not trust overly promising commitments or overly simplified registration processes. If encountering any abnormal situations, cease operations immediately and seek professional assistance.
  3. Choose Trustworthy Platforms: Preferably select investment platforms that are transparent, subject to strong regulation, and have a good reputation. This can help reduce investment risks and enhance investors' sense of security.

Currently, this brokerage firm is marked as "suspected of fraud" on Traderknows.

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FAQ About Invesco


What is the official website of Invesco?

The official website of Invesco is https://www.invescc.com/jp.


Is Invesco legit or scam?

Invesco is currently listed as Suspected Fraud on TraderKnows.


What kind of company is Invesco?

Invesco is a Stock, Brokerage company.

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