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KlipC is a pan-financial community registered in 2019, headquartered in Seattle, USA. The company offers a wide range of services covering finance, investment, and other areas. Its main services include, but are not limited to, providing information on forex trading and investment.

KlipC Official Website

Company Background

KlipC's corporate entity name is F & KlipC Limited, established on June 26, 2019. According to Whois query, the company's domain name registration date is also June 26, 2019.

KlipC Whois Registration

Company Milestones

  • 2018

The concept of KlipC's data aggregation and community following was born in Seattle, USA, with the founders hoping that KlipC's services and tools would enable participants in the derivatives market to grow more rapidly.

  • 2019

KlipC version 1.0 officially launched, allowing users to aggregate data across thousands of platforms.

  • 2020

KlipC received $500,000 in private equity funding, which strengthened its architecture and development.

  • 2021

KlipC version 2.0 officially launched, supporting seven languages, enabling T4/T5 cross-platform following and signal sharing. KlipC began integrating more brokers and fund platforms.

  • 2022

KlipC reached 100,000 users, with an average daily order processing volume of 500,000/day and 3,000 daily active users.

  • 2023

KlipC version 3.0 introduced enhanced risk control measures, improved order processing delays, and officially started API and data open sourcing.

KlipC Development Milestones 1

KlipC Development Milestones 2

Corporate Culture


The most important gene of KlipC is the spirit of teamwork. Teamwork is not only internal but also extends to partners and users. The company believes that in the field of financial innovation, customers and service providers should learn from each other, promote each other, and create peak products. The culture at KlipC is to engage in financial innovation sincerely, solidly, and passionately.

Core Values

  • Reliable: KlipC's tools are built on the most reliable technical support, offering users the most advanced and dependable services.
  • Sincere: The KlipC team is dedicated to servicing and innovating with sincerity, hoping to help and support making the market more favorable.
  • Transparent: KlipC believes that all capital market data must be transparent to ensure the accuracy of data is of significant importance to users.
KlipC Core Values

Company Aspirations

KlipC hopes to provide users with more varied and efficient tools through its efforts and innovation, enabling them to continually grow in the financial market. The company will continue to research and innovate to adapt to the constantly changing needs of the capital market.

Through KlipC's community and signals, it hopes to offer global users more opportunities to showcase technology and history, and provide different retail users more signals and tools to enhance their cognition and professionalism, realizing a win-win situation for wealth and risk management.

KlipC Company Aspirations

Products and Services

  1. Trading Signal Platform: No hidden fees and restrictions, welcoming top trading signals and experts to join the community.
  2. Data Transparency: Providing real data and order history to ensure trading transparency and reliability.
  3. Asset Management: Assisting SMEs and individual clients with asset aggregation and risk management.
  4. Multi-Account Management: Supporting users to link accounts anytime and follow suitable signals.
  5. Strategy Development: Offering strategy development tools for users to create trading strategies based on their needs.
  6. Cross-Platform Following: Supporting T4/T5 cross-platform following and signal sharing, making it easier for users to access a broader range of services.
  7. Multilingual Support: The platform supports seven languages to serve global users.
  8. API and Data Open Sourcing: Opening API and data for more flexible data processing and usage.


KlipC is a company established in 2018 in Seattle, USA, serving the derivatives market with tools and services and operating with no hidden fees and restrictions. It focuses on serving SMEs and individual clients, providing services like asset management, multi-account management, and strategy development. The company emphasizes teamwork, reliability, sincerity, and transparency, committed to providing a transparent and reliable trading environment, and achieving a win-win situation for wealth and risk management.

Currently, KlipC is marked as "Active" in the TraderKnows.

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FAQ About KlipC


What is KlipC's official website?

A: KlipC's official website is https://klipc.com/


Is KlipC a legitimate company, or is it a scam?

A: KlipC is currently marked as Active on TraderKnows.


What is KlipC?

A: KlipC is a Forex, Community, Copy Trading company.

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