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Suspected Fraud


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Sybroker, a stock brokerage firm, has undisclosed registration time and location. From account types and trading software to the introduction of trading products, the company's official website lacks information, making it difficult for investors to gain a comprehensive understanding of its services. This not only limits the cognition range of potential customers but also increases the risk perception of choosing this broker. The official website is: https://www.sybroker.com/?lang=en

Sybroker's Corporate Background and Regulation Information:

The specific registration details of Sybroker are not disclosed on its official website, nor is there any clear regulatory information indicating its supervision by relevant financial regulatory authorities. The absence of such information raises concerns about the legality and transparency of its operations.

The domain name registration date for Sybroker is May 15, 2023.


How to Open an Account at Sybroker?

Sybroker's official website does not provide an option to register an account. For a company that claims to be a stockbroker, this lack of a direct customer entry point is not only inconvenient but also raises questions about the accessibility of its services and customer experience. The absence of a clear, easy-to-access account opening process may hinder potential customers' further exploration and willingness to trade, thus affecting the company's overall attractiveness and market reputation.

Sybroker's Account Types:

No information about account types is provided on Sybroker's official website.

Sybroker's Trading Software:

Sybroker provides no explanations on its official website regarding the trading platforms or software it offers, including the technical characteristics, user interface, supported trading tools, and analytical features. This also indicates that the platform has low transparency.

Sybroker's Trading Products:

Although Sybroker mentions on its official website that it offers a variety of trading products such as stocks, options, futures, and funds, it does not provide detailed introductions to these trading products, such as their trading conditions, fee structure, available markets, and asset range. The lack of detailed information about the trading products may leave investors feeling confused when making investment decisions, unable to effectively evaluate whether these products meet their investment goals and risk tolerance.


Sybroker's Customer Support:

Sybroker's official website does not disclose its customer support methods. The only channel is that traders can leave messages on the official website.



Sybroker's security and transparency are low. There is a clear deficiency in providing detailed information about its account types, trading software, and trading products. This lack of information not only reflects its lack of service transparency but may also affect potential clients' confidence and choices. In the current financial market, investors increasingly value service transparency and reliability, and Sybroker fails to meet potential customers' needs in these key aspects. Sybroker is flagged as "Suspected Fraud" on TraderKnows.

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FAQ About Sybroker


What is Sybroker's official website?

A: Sybroker's official website is https://www.sybroker.com/


Is Sybroker a legitimate company, or is it a scam?

A: Sybroker is currently marked as Suspected Fraud on TraderKnows.


What is Sybroker?

A: Sybroker is a Stock, Brokerage company.

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