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ENTG is a cryptocurrency broker established in the United States in 2024, primarily offering trading services for various popular cryptocurrencies to investors. However, this broker operates without effective regulation, providing cryptocurrency trading-related services. Investors should remain vigilant to avoid potential losses.

ENTG's cryptocurrency

Company Background and Regulatory Status:

ENTG LTD is a financial service provider headquartered in the United States, with its official website at https://www.entgq.com/. The company is registered under the name ENTG LTD, but its registration information is not detailed, and specific registration records cannot be found on the official website. The domain name was registered on March 11, 2024, indicating that the company has only been in existence for two months.

ENTG LTD claims to hold a Money Services Business (MSB) regulatory license issued by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) of the United States, with registration number 31000267267328. FinCEN's primary mission is to protect the financial system from illegal use, combat money laundering, and related crimes (including terrorism), and to promote national security through the strategic use of financial authority and the collection, analysis, and dissemination of financial intelligence. Given FinCEN's mission and responsibilities, its regulatory focus is more inclined towards traditional financial systems such as banks and remittance services. Therefore, the cryptocurrency-related trading services provided by ENTG LTD are not effectively regulated.

For investors, this means that using the ENTG LTD platform for cryptocurrency trading carries certain risks, as insufficient regulation may lead to issues regarding fund security and trading fairness. Thus, investors need to carefully evaluate the regulatory status of a cryptocurrency trading platform and prioritize those under more stringent regulation to ensure the safety and compliance of their transactions.

ENTG's domain registration time

ENTG's US MSB regulatory information

Mission of US MSB

Mission and Vision:

The mission of ENTG Exchange is to provide a convenient, secure, and efficient digital asset trading platform for global users through innovative blockchain technology, while promoting the popularization and development of blockchain technology. The company's vision is to become the world's leading blockchain exchange, offering diverse and high-quality digital asset trading services and driving the global application and development of blockchain technology.

Trading Products:

ENTG is a platform that offers a variety of digital asset trading, supporting over 30 popular cryptocurrencies, including top performers like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, and emerging tokens like Augur, Tether, Dai, etc.

Major Trading Pairs:

  1. BTC/USDT: Bitcoin against USD Stablecoin is one of the most active and representative trading pairs in the cryptocurrency market.
  2. ETH/USDT: Ethereum against USD Stablecoin; Ethereum is one of the largest cryptocurrencies next to Bitcoin, widely recognized with high liquidity.
  3. AIINTEL/USDT: AIINTEL is an emerging token supported by the ENTG platform, trading against USD Stablecoin, representing the platform’s focus on new digital assets.
  4. ENTG/USDT: ENTG is the token issued by the ENTG platform, trading against USD Stablecoin, potentially serving specific functions and uses.
  5. XTZ/USDT: Tezos against USD Stablecoin; Tezos is a smart contract platform whose token XTZ is gaining attention in the cryptocurrency market.

Feature Trading Pairs:

The trading pairs offered by the ENTG platform include not only traditional mainstream cryptocurrency pairs but also emerging tokens and potential projects. These trading pairs provide a wide range of choices for investors, aiding in portfolio diversification and risk management.

ENTG's trading products

Trading Platform:

ENTG provides a digital asset trading platform named ENTG App, designed to offer users an efficient trading experience. Available for download through the APP Store, Google Play, Windows, and MacOS, users can access and use the ENTG App on various devices. The platform employs encryption technology and security measures to ensure the safety of users' trading information and funds, offering a reliable trading environment. Additionally, ENTG App offers real-time market data and chart analysis tools to help users fully understand market dynamics and make informed trading decisions. Users can perform multiple trading operations on the ENTG App, including buying, selling, exchange orders, and asset management, to meet different trading needs.

ENTG's trading platform

Account Registration:

Users need to first visit the broker’s official website and click the registration button on the homepage. Then, users must fill in the required registration information, including email, set a password, and fill in the verification code. Additionally, users can choose to fill in an invitation code (optional). After completing all the required information, users can click submit to complete the account registration process. Once registered successfully, users can log in with their set account and password to start using the diversified digital asset trading services provided by ENTG.

ENTG's account registration

However, the broker has not disclosed specific account types, preventing users from understanding the details and functionalities of the accounts. This lack of information may affect the user’s comprehensive understanding and utilization of the platform.

ENTG's account login

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods:

Currently, ENTG brokers have not disclosed specific deposit and withdrawal methods on their official website or other public channels. Such lack of information may affect the user's trust and experience with the platform, as deposit and withdrawal methods are crucial aspects of the trading process. Investors are advised to consult the support channels for detailed information on the deposit and withdrawal process and related fees to ensure the safety of their funds and the smooth execution of transactions. Understanding the platform’s fund processing time, supported payment methods, and potential restrictions is also vital to avoid unnecessary issues during trading.

Customer Support:

ENTG brokers currently provide a single customer support contact method, which is through email communication. Users can seek help by sending an email to support@entgus.com. However, the broker does not offer phone support or online customer service and other instant communication methods. This limited customer support channel may affect the efficiency of problem resolution for users. For those requiring quick responses and immediate solutions, the lack of diversified contact methods might be inconvenient.


ENTG is an emerging financial service provider based in the United States, focusing on digital asset trading. Although the company claims to hold a Money Services Business (MSB) regulatory license issued by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) of the United States, its cryptocurrency-related services are not effectively regulated, posing certain risks. ENTG offers a wealth of trading products, including over 30 cryptocurrencies, with major trading pairs covering mainstream coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and emerging tokens. Users can conduct convenient and secure trading through the ENTG App on various devices. However, the platform has not disclosed specific account types and deposit/withdrawal methods, which may affect user trust and experience. Customer support is limited to email contact, lacking phone and online customer service. Although ENTG is committed to advancing blockchain technology and providing diverse trading services, investors need to be cautious while using the platform, thoroughly understanding its regulatory status and service details to ensure the safety of their funds and the smooth execution of their transactions.

Currently, ENTG is marked as "suspected fraud" on TraderKnows.

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What is ENTG's official website?

A: ENTG's official website is https://www.entgq.com/


Is ENTG a legitimate company, or is it a scam?

A: ENTG is currently marked as Suspected Fraud on TraderKnows.


What is ENTG?

A: ENTG is a Crypto, Brokerage company.

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