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GLOBAL MARKET ASSET LTD is an online platform focused on providing cryptocurrency products. The website supports multiple languages, including English, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, etc., to better serve global users. However, there are apparent stability issues with the website, often resulting in loading failures. Investors considering using this platform may need to remain vigilant about its stability and reliability to ensure smooth transactions and access to necessary information. The official website of GLOBAL MARKET ASSET LTD is https://globalmarketassetltd.com/.

Corporate Registration Information and Regulatory Status:

GLOBAL MARKET ASSET LTD claims to be managed by Next Generation Technology Co., LTD, headquartered in the UK and regulated by UK law. The officially claimed office address is: 1 Old Street Yard, London UK EC1Y 8AF. However, a search of the UK business registry did not find any registration information for this company, raising questions about its authenticity and legality. Although the platform claims to be regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), it has not actually received FCA regulatory approval. This claim contradicts the facts and may mislead investors. The lack of genuine regulatory information may increase the risk for users when using the platform, as the presence of regulatory bodies is usually key to ensuring the lawful operation of financial platforms and the security of user funds.

Moreover, the domain was registered on July 27, 2023, which is relatively new and may affect investors' judgment of the platform's credibility. Potential users considering trading with GLOBAL MARKET ASSET LTD may need to carefully assess its registration information and regulatory status to mitigate potential risks.




Opening an Account:

On the official website of GLOBAL MARKET ASSET LTD, clicking the “Open Account” button and filling in the relevant basic information can complete the account registration process. However, the website's poor stability should be taken into consideration. When deciding to open an account with GLOBAL MARKET ASSET LTD, potential users are advised to conduct thorough research and careful assessment before entering personal information to ensure the reliability and security of the trading platform.


Account Types:

GLOBAL MARKET ASSET LTD offers several account types for investors to choose from:

  • Diamond Plan:

Yield: 22%

Maturity: 96 hours later

Investment range: $15,000 - No upper limit

  • Basic Plan:

Yield: 7%

Maturity: 24 hours later

Investment range: $100 - $999

  • Silver Plan:

Yield: 10%

Maturity: 24 hours later

Investment range: $1,000 - $4,999

  • Gold Plan

Yield: 15%

Maturity: 48 hours later

Investment range: $5,000 - $14,999

These plans offer different investment options, catering to the needs and capital sizes of various investors. Potential investors should carefully consider the investment range and yield when selecting a plan that suits them and comprehensively evaluate the platform's credibility.


Trading Platform:

The official website of GLOBAL MARKET ASSET LTD does not provide any detailed information about its trading platform. The lack of an introduction to the trading platform may prevent potential investors from understanding its trading environment, functions, and tools.

Trading Products:

The official website of GLOBAL MARKET ASSET LTD explicitly states that its main trading products are cryptocurrencies. However, no detailed information and introduction to specific cryptocurrencies are provided by the official site. The absence of clear explanations of tradeable assets may prevent potential investors from fully understanding the types of cryptocurrencies supported by the platform, its market coverage, and related trading conditions.

Trading Hours:

The official website of GLOBAL MARKET ASSET LTD does not provide a specific introduction to its trading hours, which may lead to confusion among investors regarding the trading platform's operational hours and market coverage.

Deposits and Withdrawals:

The methods for deposits and withdrawals on GLOBAL MARKET ASSET LTD are not specifically introduced on its official site, which may confuse potential investors regarding fund management, trading costs, and the withdrawal process.


GLOBAL MARKET ASSET LTD claims to provide an online platform for cryptocurrencies, supporting multiple languages. However, the website suffers from poor stability, frequent loading failures, and credibility issues. The company claims to be regulated by UK law, but there is no registration information found in the UK business registry, nor has it received approval from the UK Financial Conduct Authority, posing potential risks. Account opening is straightforward by clicking the "Open Account" button, but the website's instability affects user experience. It offers Diamond, Basic, Silver, Gold accounts, which require careful consideration of investment range and yield. There's a lack of transparency regarding the trading platform, products, timings, and deposit/withdrawal methods, presenting potential risks that should be cautiously assessed before choosing. Currently, GLOBAL MARKET ASSET LTD is labeled as a "Ponzi scheme" on Traderknows.

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FAQ About globalmarketassetltd


What is the official website of globalmarketassetltd?

The official website of globalmarketassetltd is https://globalmarketassetltd.com/.


Is globalmarketassetltd legit or scam?

globalmarketassetltd is currently listed as Ponzi Scheme on TraderKnows.


What kind of company is globalmarketassetltd?

globalmarketassetltd is a Crypto, Brokerage company.

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