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DASANGJ is a forex broker established in 2024, primarily providing investors with trading services in financial products such as forex, indices, energy, precious metals, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. DASANGJ is located in the United Kingdom, with its main business region being the Japanese market.

Company Background:

DASANGJ is a forex broker newly established in 2024, with its corporate entity being DASANGJ LTD. The registration address and specific office address have not been disclosed yet. The broker claims to be located in the United Kingdom, but upon investigation, DASANGJ LTD is not a company registered in the UK. The official domain name registration date of DASANGJ is February 6, 2024, meaning the broker has only been registered for a month to date.

UK Company Registration Inquiry

DASANGJ's Domain Registration Date

Regulatory Status:

DASANGJ is a broker not subject to effective regulation.

On its official website, the broker claims to be a regulated forex broker, holding a US NFA regulatory license with the number 0562689. This regulatory license can indeed be found on the official NFA website in the United States. However, the broker is only registered as a non-member of NFA, which means it is merely registered with NFA but not actually regulated by this regulatory authority. Therefore, the services provided by the broker, such as forex, indices, energy, precious metals, stocks, and cryptocurrencies, are not subject to effective regulation.

DASANGJ's Official Website Information


Trading Products:

The broker offers a variety of trading products, covering multiple areas such as forex, indices, energy, precious metals, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. Below is an introduction to the main trading products offered by the broker:

Forex Trading: The broker provides more than 30 currency pairs for trading. Forex trading has high liquidity and lower transaction costs, offering traders a wealth of trading opportunities. Moreover, the platform supports a leverage ratio of up to 1:500, allowing traders to manage their trading positions.

Index Trading: The broker also offers a range of index trading products, covering major indices from various countries and regions. These indices represent the overall performance of specific markets, providing trading opportunities. Similar to forex trading, index trading also supports a high leverage ratio of up to 1:500.

Precious Metals Trading: In terms of precious metals trading, the broker supports trading in gold and silver. Traders can trade with a minimum contract unit, with gold being 1 ounce and silver being 50 ounces. Additionally, the platform allows holding both buy and sell orders in the same account.

Other Trading Products In addition to the main trading products mentioned above, the broker also offers other trading products, such as stocks, energy commodities, and cryptocurrencies. Stock trading covers multiple markets globally, providing traders with an opportunity to invest in the stock market. Energy products include trading in commodities like crude oil. Moreover, cryptocurrency trading allows traders to participate in the cryptocurrency market, investing in digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

DASANGJ's Trading Products

Account Types:

Registering DASANGJ Trading Account:

Below are the specific steps for registering a DASANGJ trading account:

  1. Open Account: First, users need to visit the official website of DASANGJ trading platform or use its mobile application. On the website or application, users can find the option to register a new account.
  2. Fill in Information: Users need to complete the registration form and provide required personal information, such as name, email address, contact number, etc. In addition, a username and a secure password must be chosen to protect the account.
  3. Submit Verification: After filling in the necessary information, users may need to submit identity verification documents to ensure the accuracy of their identity and information. Identity verification documents usually include proof of identity, proof of residential address, etc.
  4. Account Approval: After submitting verification documents, the team at DASANGJ trading platform will review the submitted information. Once approved, users will receive notification that their account has been successfully registered.
  5. Login Account: Users can use their username and password to log into their DASANGJ trading platform account.
DASANGJ's Account Registration

DASANGJ's Registration

Account Types:

The account types and their respective features, minimum deposit, and fees on DASANGJ trading platform are not disclosed yet. An opaque broker might hide critical information, making it difficult for investors to assess risks and costs. Therefore, investors should look for brokers regulated by trusted regulatory authorities, offering clear information on account types and related fees, including minimum deposits, transaction fees, etc.

Trading Software:

DASANGJ does not support well-known trading platforms such as MT4 or MT5. The broker only provides the Tradingweb platform, with two download options: iOS and Android.

DASANGJ's Trading Software

Customer Support:

DASANGJ's customer support options are rather limited, only supporting email. Users can contact the broker by sending an email to support@dasangj.com.


DASANGJ is a forex broker not subject to effective regulation, and the services provided by this broker may involve certain risks. The broker's official website information lacks transparency, with key information such as minimum deposits, spreads, and account types not disclosed. DASANGJ does not support MT4 and MT5 trading platforms, and the contact options are rather limited.

Currently, DASANGJ is marked as "Suspected Fraud" on TraderKnows.

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What is the official website of DASANGJ?

The official website of DASANGJ is https://www.dasangj.com/jp.


Is DASANGJ legit or scam?

DASANGJ is currently listed as Suspected Fraud on TraderKnows.


What kind of company is DASANGJ?

DASANGJ is a Forex, Brokerage company.

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