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LDNews is a media platform focused on blockchain financial news, renowned for its comprehensive, timely news reports, and in-depth analysis. It is committed to providing high-quality information services to blockchain readers and industry practitioners. Through diversified content and tools, the platform has built an information exchange community for blockchain enthusiasts and professionals.

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Core Content and Services

24/7 Newsflash

LDNews provides round-the-clock blockchain financial news services, covering the latest developments in blockchain technology, market trends, policies, and regulations worldwide. This service ensures that users can receive the latest industry news in a timely manner, meeting the urgent needs of industry practitioners for real-time information.

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DAO Section

As an innovative organizational model in the blockchain domain, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) have garnered increasing attention. The DAO section established by LDNews specifically reports on the latest updates, case analyses, and in-depth interviews related to DAOs, providing users with a platform to learn about and deeply study DAOs.

Information Section

The information section of LDNews covers the hottest topics in the blockchain domain, including DeFi (Decentralized Finance), NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens), and the metaverse. The content not only includes the latest news but also industry reports and expert analyses, providing users with a comprehensive industry perspective.

LDNews Special Topics List

For different blockchain projects and applications, LDNews has a dedicated special topics list that showcases related in-depth reports, user evaluations, and project progress, providing investors and practitioners with reference for decision-making.

Community Interaction

The community functionalities of LDNews include hot comments, sections, tutorials, announcements, and post publishing features, offering users a platform for discussion and sharing. Users can discuss the latest blockchain topics, share personal insights, post relevant tutorials or notices here.

LDNews Community

Tool Library

The platform also provides practical tools such as a Web3 tool library, an artificial intelligence library, and a digital collectibles library, helping users better navigate the blockchain world. These tools are designed to simplify users' operational processes, increase efficiency, and enhance user experience.

Additional Services

Besides daily news reporting and community interaction, LDNews is also dedicated to promoting the development of the blockchain industry. Through hosting DAO research institutes, industry summits, and blockchain weeks, it provides professionals both within and outside the industry opportunities for communication and learning, promoting the progress of blockchain technology and applications.

Target Audience

The target audience of LDNews primarily consists of blockchain readers and industry practitioners. Both newcomers interested in blockchain technology and seasoned professionals in the field can find valuable information and resources on LDNews.

Social Media and Contact Information

To better interact and communicate with users, LDNews has official accounts on multiple social media platforms such as Twitter, Weibo, WeChat, and Telegram. Users can obtain the latest information from LDNews, participate in discussions, and activities through these platforms. Additionally, users can also directly contact LDNews via WeChat, QQ, Email, etc., for more support and services.

In summary, as a blockchain finance media, LDNews not only provides rich and diverse content and practical tools but also promotes industry exchanges and cooperation through communities and events. In the rapidly evolving field of blockchain, LDNews is undoubtedly an essential platform for information acquisition and knowledge sharing.

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FAQ About LDNews


What is the official website of LDNews?

The official website of LDNews is https://www.liandu24.com/.


Is LDNews legit or scam?

LDNews is currently listed as Active on TraderKnows.


What kind of company is LDNews?

LDNews is a Crypto, Media company.

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