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Suspected Fraud

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CUDRANIA CAPITAL is a Forex and Contract for Difference (CFD) broker established in 2021 in Hong Kong, China, with its headquarters in Hong Kong and branches in various countries and regions, including Dallas, Sydney, Singapore, Dubai, and Kuala Lumpur. The primary services offered by this broker include CFD trading for Forex, precious metals, commodities, indices, and more. The official website of the broker is: https://www.cudraniacap.com/, and it supports both Simplified Chinese and English languages.

Company Background:

CUDRANIA CAPITAL is registered in Hong Kong under the entity name Cudrania Capital Limited, with company number 3041127, established in 2021.


The company has a registered entity in Australia, known as Cudrania Capital PTY LTD, with an enterprise number of 666 575 819, established in 2023. It holds an authorized representative (AR) license from the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).


Additionally, according to the Whois data, the broker's official website domain was registered on February 23,2023, less than a year.


Regulatory Information:

CUDRANIA CAPITAL claims to be regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) with certificate number 001302387. Information obtained from the ASIC's official website does confirm that this broker has purchased an AR license from MGF CAPITAL PTY LTD. However, the regulatory and investor protection measures associated with this license appear to be relatively weak.


Crucially, MGF CAPITAL PTY LTD has sold AR licenses to over 20 similar companies, including CUDRANIA CAPITAL. These companies have no direct relationship with MGF CAPITAL PTY LTD but utilize the AR licenses purchased from them for promotional purposes, raising suspicions of potential fraud.


Trading Products:

CUDRANIA CAPITAL offers a variety of financial instruments for trading, including:

Forex: Providing opportunities to trade various currency pairs in the Forex market. Forex CFDs allow investors to trade based on the price movements of one currency against another. Examples of available currency pairs include EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/JPY, among others.

Precious Metals: CFDs for precious metals like gold and silver, offering trading opportunities based on price fluctuations. Precious metals CFDs enable investors to speculate on price changes without the need to own the physical assets.

Indices: Index CFDs allow investors to trade based on the price performance of market indices without the necessity of buying or selling actual index components.

Commodities: Commodity CFDs enable investors to potentially profit from price fluctuations in various commodities, including crude oil, copper, and iron ore. These contracts allow participation in commodity markets without the need to hold physical assets.

These products not only provide opportunities for investors to enter different financial markets but also enable them to manage risk through diversified portfolios.


Trading Platform:

CUDRANIA CAPITAL offers the Metatrader 5 (MT5) trading platform for investors. MT5 is a widely recognized and popular platform in the financial industry, known for its advanced trading features and various analytical tools. Through MT5, investors can access real-time market data and utilize various technical indicators and charting features to analyze market trends. The software is compatible with multiple devices, including PC (Windows/MacOS), web browsers, and mobile devices (iOS/Android), making it user-friendly.


Account Registration:

CUDRANIA CAPITAL's official website indicates that the broker offers links for registering both real and demo accounts. To register a real account, users can click on the "Open an account now" or "Register" links on the website's homepage or top right corner, where they will be prompted to provide trading information such as name, phone number, email, and password.



For demo accounts, users can click on the "demo account" link on the website's homepage, and they will be required to provide their name, phone number, and email to complete the registration.


Furthermore, the registration pages for real and demo accounts support multiple languages, including Simplified Chinese, English, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian, and Spanish.

Account Types:

CUDRANIA CAPITAL offers three account types for investors, including:

  1. CENT Account (Minimum deposit $100)
  2. STP Account (Minimum deposit $100)
  3. ECN Account (Minimum deposit $500)

Investors can choose different account types based on their trading needs.


Spreads and Leverage:

CUDRANIA CAPITAL claims to offer a maximum leverage of 1:500, with spreads starting from 0.1. However, specific information regarding spreads and leverage for each account type is not disclosed. Additionally, it's worth noting that CENT accounts do not support demo accounts.


Deposits and Withdrawals:

CUDRANIA CAPITAL's official website does not clearly disclose information regarding deposit and withdrawal methods, such as supported channels, currencies, and associated fees.

Customer Support:

Investors can access CUDRANIA CAPITAL's 24/7 customer service through phone and email, allowing them to communicate with the broker in real-time for urgent inquiries.



CUDRANIA CAPITAL raises some concerns, primarily due to the lack of detailed information regarding deposit and withdrawal methods and the relatively weak regulatory measures associated with its AR license. Moreover, the broker's association with MGF CAPITAL PTY LTD, which has sold AR licenses to multiple similar companies, suggests a potential fraudulent aspect. Currently, this broker is marked with "suspicion of fraud" on the TraderKnows platform. Users are advised to exercise caution when considering the services provided by this company and to prioritize their financial security to avoid falling into potential fraud traps.

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FAQ About Cudrania Capital


What is the official website of Cudrania Capital?

The official website of Cudrania Capital is http://www.cudraniaglobal.com/.


Is Cudrania Capital legit or scam?

Cudrania Capital is currently listed as Suspected Fraud on TraderKnows.


What kind of company is Cudrania Capital?

Cudrania Capital is a Forex, CFD, Brokerage company.

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