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Capital Markets Brothers Limited, also known as HaoIB, is a Hong Kong registered company established in 2008 with registration number 1783233. The company specializes in introducing broker (IB) services, focusing on the forex market. Their mission is to help investors minimize trading costs to the maximum extent possible by offering information and advisory services aimed at reducing investment expenses. HaoIB has earned a strong reputation in the industry, particularly among Chinese-speaking investors.

Services and Philosophy:

HaoIB's primary services include offering tight spreads and not charging additional commissions. They also share the rebates provided by brokers with their clients, indirectly reducing their trading costs. This approach significantly benefits clients in the realm of financial investment. From its inception, HaoIB has followed the "Zero Upfront, Pay Anytime, and Free Payment" policy, providing convenience and affordability to a wide range of investors.

HaoIB takes the stance of not recommending leveraged trading for the general public, emphasizing the risks involved. They encourage investors to ensure they possess sufficient knowledge, training, and risk management capabilities before participating. The company operates on a win-win philosophy, avoiding any self-serving actions and focusing on building and maintaining long-term client trust and company reputation.

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Safety and Transparency:

Regarding fund safety, HaoIB never engages in any financial activities between brokers and investors. They ensure that all fund operations are conducted directly between brokers and investors. The company solely acts as an introducing broker, without access to client funds or account information, and does not provide trading recommendations or trading services. This approach enhances the transparency and security of their services, allowing investors to confidently utilize them.

Business Model and Customer Service:

HaoIB primarily operates as an introducing broker (IB). As an IB, they are responsible for introducing clients to forex trading platforms and earning commissions from it. However, what sets HaoIB apart from many other IBs is their decision to share a portion of this income with their clients, effectively reducing their trading costs. This business model is relatively uncommon in the financial services industry as it requires finding a balance between profitability and providing added value to clients.

In addition to introducing trading platforms, HaoIB also provides advisory services related to optimizing trading costs, helping clients make wiser decisions in complex financial markets. This comprehensive range of services makes HaoIB not just a bridge between clients and trading platforms but also an important partner for clients on their financial trading journey.

Market Position and Customer Relationships:

HaoIB positions itself as a reliable and trustworthy introducing broker. Through its long-term market presence and stable service offerings, the company has built a reputation as a dependable partner. This reputation is especially crucial in the financial services industry, where it concerns the safety of investors' funds and returns on investments. HaoIB has garnered substantial support from a loyal client base through transparent business operations and a customer-centric strategy.

Technology and Innovation:

While HaoIB's primary business centers around human advisory services, they may also leverage technology to enhance service quality. For instance, by using advanced data analysis tools to better understand market trends and trading costs, HaoIB can provide more precise advisory services to clients. This investment in technology and innovation not only improves the client experience but also helps the company maintain a leading position in a competitive market.

Development History:

In its early years, HaoIB used the website www.cmbro.com, but due to customer feedback that the URL was not easy to remember, they changed it to the current, more memorable www.haoib.com during the 2010 Chinese New Year. Over the years, HaoIB has gained the favor and trust of Chinese-speaking investors worldwide through stable growth.


Contact Information:

HaoIB's official email is support@haoib.com, used for providing client consultations and support services. They also emphasize that opening accounts through forex rebate agents can effectively reduce trading costs, improving profit potential and trading performance.

In Summary:

Overall, HaoIB, as a forex introducing broker, has accumulated a strong reputation and client base in the industry. Through their focus on reducing investor trading costs, transparent and secure operations, the company has established its brand image in the financial services sector. As financial markets continue to evolve, HaoIB will continue to leverage its expertise and service advantages to provide high-quality advisory and support services to clients. Currently, HaoIB is marked as "Active" on Traderknows.

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FAQ About HaoIB


What is the official website of HaoIB?

The official website of HaoIB is https://www.haoib.com/.


Is HaoIB legit or scam?

HaoIB is currently listed as Active on TraderKnows.


What kind of company is HaoIB?

HaoIB is a Forex, IB company.

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