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Suspected Fraud

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Bit Hash Vault is a cryptocurrency brokerage registered in the Netherlands, primarily offering investors a variety of cryptocurrency trading services. Bit Hash Vault is not regulated by any regulatory body, which increases the safety risk for customer funds. Despite Bit Hash Vault providing a wide range of trading features, customers need to be cautious about its lack of regulation and transparency.

Corporate Background and Regulatory Information:

The company entity for this broker is Bit Hash Vault Ltd., with the office address at Weena 850 3014 DA Rotterdam, Netherlands. Its official website domain was registered on September 21, 2022. Bit Hash Vault's official website is https://bithashvault.com/. Although the company claims its mission is to recognize the importance of Bitcoin and to establish BitHashVault to provide people with a way to invest in cryptocurrencies, its information is relatively opaque, with no publicized registration information, leadership details, and other key data.

Bit Hash Vault's domain registration time

Bit Hash Vault states it values compliance with all relevant laws, rules, regulations, policies, and standards, and commits to strict management discipline and top-tier control measures in a compliant environment. However, in reality, Bit Hash Vault is not regulated by any regulatory bodies, and the cryptocurrency trading services it provides carry certain safety risks. Customer funds are kept in client-specific trust accounts at the Bank of the West Pacific and the National Australia Bank (NAB) and managed according to customer fund handling rules, separate from Bit Hash Vault company funds. However, due to the lack of regulation, customers should remain vigilant about the safety of their funds since the custody and other related issues have not been confirmed by relevant institutions.

Bit Hash Vault's official website regulatory introduction

Products and Services:

Bit Hash Vault is dedicated to providing users with a one-stop cryptocurrency trading service. As its main service, the platform assists users in comparing the exchange rates of different cryptocurrency exchanges, enabling them to choose the best trading platform. The platform claims to have been operating in the market for ten years, accumulating extensive experience and reputation. Users can select leverage ratios ranging from 1:10 to 1:200, according to their needs and risk preferences.

Beyond these basic services, Bit Hash Vault also offers a variety of membership plans, including the Bronze Tier level. Registered users at this level can enjoy privileges for two weeks, allowing them to better understand the platform's features and advantages. In addition, Bit Hash Vault provides users with information about its own statistics, including 24-hour and 30-day trading volume data. These data can help users understand the real-time situation and trends of the market, making more informed trading decisions. For example, the platform's 24-hour trading volume is as high as $11,740,835,508, and the 30-day trading volume reaches $323,107,050,040.

Bit Hash Vault's products and services

Trading Software:

Bit Hash Vault's trading platform is available on various devices, including desktop computers and mobile applications. Known for its advanced trading tools and technical analysis, the platform offers a rich suite of trading features. Users can trade using the order hanging feature for immediate execution, and set stop loss/profit points to better control risks and profits. Additionally, the platform has a dedicated section providing the latest news, events, and emergency issues, helping users to promptly get market information.

A major advantage of the Bit Hash Vault trading platform is the provision of original prices and multi-asset trading capabilities. Users can enjoy up to 1:200 leverage, thereby increasing the flexibility and potential for profit in trading.

Bit Hash Vault's trading software

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods:

Bit Hash Vault has not disclosed specific deposit and withdrawal methods on its official website. This situation may cause inconvenience to users, as the lack of deposit and withdrawal methods may affect their fund management and trading experience. The absence of these methods could lead to delays in depositing or withdrawing funds, affecting the timeliness of trade executions or cash flow, bringing inconvenience and uncertainty to the trading process.


Bit Hash Vault is a cryptocurrency broker registered in the Netherlands, aimed at providing investors with a variety of cryptocurrency trading services. The company's mission is to offer a pathway for people to invest in cryptocurrencies, but its information is relatively opaque. In fact, Bit Hash Vault is not regulated by any regulatory agency, increasing the safety risk for customer funds. On the trading platform side, users can use Bit Hash Vault's trading software on various devices, enjoying original price and multi-asset trading capabilities. However, the lack of deposit and withdrawal methods may pose inconvenience to users, possibly leading to delays in depositing or withdrawing funds.

Currently, Bit Hash Vault is marked as "Suspected Fraud" on TraderKnows.

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FAQ About Bit Hash Vault


What is Bit Hash Vault's official website?

A: Bit Hash Vault's official website is https://bithashvault.com/


Is Bit Hash Vault a legitimate company, or is it a scam?

A: Bit Hash Vault is currently marked as Suspected Fraud on TraderKnows.


What is Bit Hash Vault?

A: Bit Hash Vault is a Crypto, Brokerage company.

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