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The Fxquan.com is a community focused on the domain of forex trading, providing a professional and community-oriented environment where both beginners and experienced traders can exchange and learn. The platform's goal is not only to provide a place for users to understand each other and establish connections but also to encourage the sharing of various information, strategies, and analyses related to forex trading.

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Corporate Background

As a social trading platform in the forex trading domain, the domain name of Fxquan.com was registered on September 9, 2014. As of now, the official website of Fxquan.com has not yet disclosed any physical information, including the registration address and company name. However, the platform's registration time can serve as a reference, allowing users to obtain more information about the platform through other means.

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In Fxquan.com, users can create personal profiles, showcasing their trading experiences, investment preferences, and trading strategies, helping friends to better understand each other and discover commonalities. Users can browse other users' profiles to learn about each other's trading style and investment preferences, thereby building bridges for communication and interaction.

Creating User Profiles


Fxquan.com provides a posting platform where users can share their activities, thoughts, and questions, learning what others are busy with and what is on their minds. Users can share their trading experiences, opinions, and market analyses, communicating and discussing with other users to explore various topics related to forex trading.



Fxquan.com also features various groups, allowing users to join different groups based on their interests and needs, and communicate and collaborate with people who share the same interests. These groups cover all aspects of forex trading, including technical analysis, fundamental analysis, trading strategy, risk management, etc., providing a platform for users to share knowledge and experience.



Fxquan.com allows members to organize both online and offline community events, such as trading discussions, training courses, trading competitions, etc. These events aim to promote communication and interaction among users, helping them to better improve their trading skills, gain more trading experience, and grow and progress together.



Fxquan.com also features a blog function, where users can share their thoughts, views, and trading experiences, creating engaging content. These blog articles can cover market analyses, trading insights, trading strategies, risk management, etc., providing valuable references and learning resources for other users.


Future Outlook

As a social trading platform in the field of forex trading, Fxquan.com will continue to dedicate itself to providing an open, inclusive, and sharing communication platform, helping traders to better understand each other, share experiences, learn skills, and collectively enhance their trading skills and experiences. Meanwhile, Fxquan.com will also continually improve platform functions, enrich content, and enhance user experience to meet the growing needs and expectations of users.


Fxquan.com is a social trading platform focused on the forex trading domain. Although the official website has not disclosed physical information yet, users can create personal profiles on the platform to display their trading experiences, investment preferences, and strategies and establish communication with other users. The platform offers a posting platform for users to share activities, thoughts, and questions, jointly discussing forex trading topics. Moreover, Fxquan.com has various groups covering all aspects of forex trading, and members can organize online or offline community events to promote skill improvement and experience sharing. The blog function allows users to share views and experiences, providing learning resources for other users. Fxquan.com is committed to offering an open, inclusive, and sharing communication platform, continuously improving functionality to meet users' needs.

Currently, Fxquan.com is marked as 'Active' on TraderKnows.

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FAQ About Fxquan.com


What is Fxquan.com's official website?

A: Fxquan.com's official website is https://www.fxquan.com/


Is Fxquan.com a legitimate company, or is it a scam?

A: Fxquan.com is currently marked as Active on TraderKnows.


What is Fxquan.com?

A: Fxquan.com is a Forex, Community company.

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