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Created with the expertise of the WikiFx media platform, WikiExpo has become a leading international brand for offline financial industry exhibitions. It serves as a professional platform for knowledge sharing and business networking, catering to project sides, investors, and practitioners. Annually, WikiExpo provides thousands of cooperation opportunities for tens of thousands of investors and hundreds of project sides.

What Does WikiExpo Offer?

Leveraging the informational resources of its financial media platform, WikiExpo carefully selects exhibitors from its global database with comprehensive qualifications, strong regulatory compliance, extensive industry experience, and positive user reputation, thus establishing a relatively safe investment environment. Additionally, each exhibition invites top industry professionals to provide investors with opportunities for knowledge sharing in financial trading techniques, market trends, and international policy interpretation.

The Mission of WikiExpo

The mission of WikiExpo is to regularly organize industry exhibitions worldwide, fostering knowledge sharing within the industry, creating a relatively safe investment environment for investors, enhancing industry vitality, and building a global, trustworthy, high-quality brand for offline financial industry exhibitions.



Each exhibitor at WikiExpo is carefully selected from the authoritative financial information media platform database. They are deemed trustworthy based on a comprehensive evaluation of their qualifications, regulatory strength, and user reputation.

Strong Interaction

Investors can sign up on the WikiExpo website to participate in the "Grassroots Instructor" segment, where after passing a review, one investor gets the opportunity to share their trading experience at the exhibition.

High Quality

As an international offline financial industry exhibition brand, WikiExpo addresses various investment issues raised by investors from different countries and regions. It invites top industry practitioners to interact and share with investors at the exhibition, having already helped hundreds of thousands of investors solve numerous investment problems.

Numerous Benefits

Each WikiExpo is held in a selected local five-star hotel, where attendees enjoy complimentary lunches, tea breaks, and exquisite gifts. Each exhibition features a lottery with grand prizes like smartphones worth tens of thousands, and special award winners are invited to join WikiExpo in the next city of the exhibition, with all travel expenses covered by WikiExpo.

The History and Future Outlook of WikiExpo

Since its establishment in 2019, co-created by WikiFX and WikiBit, WikiExpo has served global forex and digital currency investors, building a platform for knowledge sharing and business networking. In its three years, it has successfully held over 70 professional events and salons, rapidly developing into an international brand for offline financial industry exhibitions and establishing a leading position in the forex and digital currency industries.

WikiExpo has organized large-scale summits in global financial centers, including Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Bangkok. For instance, the 2023 Sydney Wiki Finance Expo held at the prestigious Fullerton Hotel marked another triumphant chapter in financial exhibitions and FinTech conferences.

Looking forward, WikiExpo will continue to host high-end financial exhibitions in international financial centers such as Sydney, Singapore, and Hong Kong, aiming to serve a wide audience in forex, cryptocurrency, FinTech, and blockchain, as well as the general public.

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FAQ About WikiExpo


What is the official website of WikiExpo?

The official website of WikiExpo is https://wikiexpo.com/.


Is WikiExpo legit or scam?

WikiExpo is currently listed as Active on TraderKnows.


What kind of company is WikiExpo?

WikiExpo is a Forex, Crypto, Finance Expo company.

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