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INCOMORE Trading Academy is a foreign exchange investor education platform established in 2019, headquartered in Taiwan, China. It is the first online free forex learning website in Taiwan. The academy focuses on providing services related to foreign exchange market analysis, forex beginners learning center, specialized articles, online multimedia, academy event news, and external forex EA program trading.

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Company Background

The brand name of the company is INCOMORE Trading Academy, founded in 2019, with its headquarters located in Taiwan, China. Information obtained from a Whois search reveals that its domain name was registered on March 9, 2020. INCOMORE Trading Academy's email is incomoretrading@gmail.com

INCOMORE Trading Academy Establishment Date

INCOMORE Trading Academy Whois Registration

Products and Services

INCOMORE Trading Academy offers services such as foreign exchange market analysis, a beginners learning center for forex, specialized articles, online multimedia, news about academy events, and external forex EA program trading.

  1. Foreign Exchange Market Analysis: Periodic updates of analysis charts, including analyses of currencies, indexes, precious metals, raw materials, and more.
  2. Forex Beginners Learning Center: Offers 41 free forex trading learning articles, starting from the basics for newbies, then advancing to various technical analysis methods, and finally integrating into one's own trading system. The academy's program is divided into beginner, intermediate, elective, and advanced classes, each corresponding to different courses, aiming to help students find the most suitable course for themselves.
  3. Specialized Articles: These articles are divided into forex trading information and brokers, and investing and living. They aim to help students learn relevant knowledge and precautions about forex trading, as well as how to invest.
  4. Online Multimedia: A series of basic forex teaching videos and tutorials on MT4/MT5 interface operations, along with videos related to smart programs (EA) teaching. There are exclusive videos for beginners and for those interested in program trading, catering to both new and experienced learners.
  5. Academy Event News: This service is responsible for notifying about various activities held by the academy, such as forex EA program trading - Syntax Crash Course + Winner Strategies Class, and forex beginner - Basic Player Course, etc.
  6. External Forex EA Program Trading: This is an external website platform of the trading academy, allowing students to dive deeper into forex trading.
INCOMORE Trading Academy Products and Services

Future Vision

INCOMORE Trading Academy aims to help beginners learn trading skills from entry to practical application and share investment concepts that can be applied to any financial product, committed to nurturing every beginner to have a successful investment mindset.

INCOMORE Trading Academy Future Vision


INCOMORE Trading Academy is a leading foreign exchange teaching brand in Taiwan, offering articles and videos for beginners to learn forex knowledge. In addition, it periodically provides technical analysis and specialized articles, and occasionally holds investment lectures and seminars. The academy only offers forex teaching-related courses and resources, without suggesting operations or guaranteeing profits.

Currently, INCOMORE Trading Academy is marked as "Active" on Traderknows.

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FAQ About INCOMORE Trading Academy


What is INCOMORE Trading Academy's official website?

A: INCOMORE Trading Academy's official website is https://www.incomore.com.tw/


Is INCOMORE Trading Academy a legitimate company, or is it a scam?

A: INCOMORE Trading Academy is currently marked as Active on TraderKnows.


What is INCOMORE Trading Academy?

A: INCOMORE Trading Academy is a Forex, Education company.

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