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Suspected Fraud

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Fidefx Investments is an online brokerage that focuses on forex, commodities, stocks, and indices trading. However, the company's registration information is notably lacking in detail. There is a lack of transparency in terms of regulation, and the trading software provided is FX6. Users can visit its official website at https://www.fidefxltd.com/jt.html, available in English and Chinese. When choosing this platform, users should pay special attention to the risks that may arise from the lack of detailed registration and regulatory information.

Corporate Entity Information of Fidefx Investments:

Fidefx Investments lacks publicly disclosed corporate registration information, with neither the official website nor online searches providing such data. Additionally, the domain name for the business was only registered on October 31, 2023, indicating a relatively brief existence. This absence of detailed registration information could raise concerns about its transparency and reliability. Investors considering this option should be aware of the potential risks posed by the lack of information.


Regulatory Information of Fidefx Investments:

Fidefx Investments claims to be regulated by Australia's ASIC and the FCA, but in fact, checks reveal that the company is not found in the regulatory register of these two financial institutions. Verification of the ASIC and FCA codes provided by Fidefx Investments shows a discrepancy with the claimed regulatory entities. This indicates that Fidefx Investments may have fabricated its regulatory information. Investors should approach this lack of a genuine regulatory background with caution to avoid potential investment risks.





Account Opening Process at Fidefx Investments:

  • Click the register button on Fidefx Investments
  • Fill in the necessary basic information, including a valid email address and setting up a password, among others
  • Then follow the page prompts to complete the registration process

It is important for investors to exercise extra caution when opening an account, given the issues of claiming rather than actually being regulated. It is advisable to thoroughly verify the platform's authenticity and reputation before registering, to avoid potential risks from an opaque operational background.


Account Types at Fidefx Investments:

Fidefx Investments does not provide detailed information about account types on its official website, making it difficult for investors to understand the specific account options and their features. This lack of transparency could impact investors' ability to make informed decisions, as they cannot fully understand the services and conditions of the trading platform. Transparency is key when choosing an investment platform; Fidefx Investments' opaque operation could raise questions about its credibility.

Trading Products at Fidefx Investments:

Fidefx Investments offers a diverse range of trading products, including forex, commodities, stocks, and indices, providing investors with a wide market selection.

  • Forex: Offers up to 1:1000 leverage, covering 52 currency pairs, with sliding spreads and demo accounts available.
  • Commodities: Covers four major categories including livestock, meat, metals, agriculture, and energy, supporting 1:500 leverage, including gold, oil, silver, and others, also offering demo accounts.
  • Stocks: Involves the world's largest companies, with 1:100 leverage, including 12 currency pairs, and also offers demo accounts.
  • Indices: Includes 120 global indices, with leverage at 1:100, sliding spreads, also supports demo accounts. However, information on specific trading conditions and fees is relatively scarce, which might affect investors' comprehensive understanding of the platform.

Trading Software at Fidefx Investments:

Fidefx Investments provides the FX6 mobile version (iOS and Android), and desktop version (Windows)


Leverage, Commissions, and Spreads at Fidefx Investments:

In the forex market, the company offers leverage up to 1:1000, which is a relatively high ratio that may attract those wishing to achieve greater market exposure with smaller investments. For commodity trading, the leverage is set at 1:500, providing opportunities for high-leverage trading in major commodities like gold and crude oil. In stock and index trading, Fidefx Investments offers a more conservative 1:100 leverage, which may reflect the relatively higher volatility and risk of these markets.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods at Fidefx Investments:

Fidefx Investments offers a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods, providing convenient fund management options for users. For deposits, it accepts VISA and MASTERCARD, with currencies USD and EUR, minimum deposit of 10USD, maximum of 10000USD, no additional fees, and instant processing time. Fasapay is also a deposit method, supporting USD and IDR, with a minimum deposit of 1USD, no maximum limit, no fees, and instant processing time. China UnionPay deposit method supports CNY (RMB), minimum deposit of 10USD, maximum of 35000USD, also with no additional fees, and instant processing time.

For withdrawals, VISA and MASTERCARD support currencies USD and Euro, minimum withdrawal of 20USD, maximum of 2000USD, with a fee of 2.5%+7.5USD or 2.5%+6 Euro, and processing time of 1-2 hours. Fasapay withdrawal supports USD and IDR, with a minimum of 1USD, maximum of 10000IDR, fee and processing time detailed on the official website. China UnionPay withdrawal supports CNY (RMB), minimum of 10USD, maximum of 35000USD, with a fee of 1% (minimum 6CNY), and processing time of 1-2 hours. It is important to note that for other specific withdrawal methods, users can refer to the official website for detailed information. This level of transparency and detail provides clear guidance to users in the process of fund management.


Social Media at Fidefx Investments:

The social media information of Fidefx Investments is not publicly disclosed on its official website. This lack of transparency makes it difficult for users to access information about the company's activities, news, or other interactions on social media platforms. This may also affect users' overall understanding and trust in Fidefx Investments.

Customer Support at Fidefx Investments:

Fidefx Investments only provides email as a method of customer support: service@fidefx.com.


Fidefx Investments exhibits a lack of transparency in corporate registration information, claims of regulation that cannot be verified, and a relatively short domain registration period. Lack of transparent information on account types and specific trading conditions can affect investor choices. Social media information is not clarified, and customer support is only via email, indicating a need for improvement in overall transparency and information quantity. Investors should carefully verify platform information before choosing. Currently, Fidefx Investments is flagged with "Suspected Fraud" on TraderKnows.

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FAQ About Fidefx Investments


What is the official website of Fidefx Investments?

The official website of Fidefx Investments is https://www.fidefxltd.com/jt.html.


Is Fidefx Investments legit or scam?

Fidefx Investments is currently listed as Suspected Fraud on TraderKnows.


What kind of company is Fidefx Investments?

Fidefx Investments is a Forex, Brokerage company.

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