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"Shuijingqiu Caijing", established in 2014, is a financial information platform based in Sichuan, China, with Chen Shi as the legal representative. The platform focuses on the stock and financial markets, providing services such as analysis, investment strategies and financial information, etc. It also features a community for investors to share knowledge and experiences. Here are the services offered by "Shuijingqiu Caijing":

  1. Professional Analysis: The platform has a team of analysts who provide services such as analysis, rating, and forecasting of financial products.
  2. Investment Strategies: Based on market trends and investor demands, various investment strategies are offered, including short-term, band and trend-based strategies.
  3. Financial Information: The platform provides global financial news, policy updates, industry trends, company announcements, and other relevant information.
  4. Community Interaction: The platform hosts an active community where investors can express their opinions, comment, ask questions, and share experiences with others, promoting mutual learning and assistance.

The purpose of the community is to facilitate communication, learning, and mutual support among investors, allowing them to benefit from each other's experiences and insights and make progress. The services provided by the community include:

  1. Publishing Opinions: Investors can express their views, suggestions, and opinions on the financial markets and products within the community and engage in discussions with other investors.
  2. Comments: Investors can comment on the views and articles of other investors, express their opinions, or raise questions and suggestions.
  3. Q&A: Investors can ask questions about their investment processes or answer questions from other investors, helping each other and clarifying doubts.
  4. Sharing: Investors can share their personal investment experiences, insights, case studies, as well as recommend valuable information, analysis, and strategies with other investors for learning and exchange.

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FAQ About Shuijingqiu Caijing


What is Shuijingqiu Caijing's official website?

A: Shuijingqiu Caijing's official website is https://www.sjqcj.com/


Is Shuijingqiu Caijing a legitimate company, or is it a scam?

A: Shuijingqiu Caijing is currently marked as Active on TraderKnows.


What is Shuijingqiu Caijing?

A: Shuijingqiu Caijing is a Stock, Media, Community company.

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