45 Trading Proverbs!


Live, and strive to make your work easier.

1. Profit always flows from the pockets of emotional traders to the pockets of rational traders.

2. Prices cannot remain in a range for a long period.

3. Cut losses quickly, let profits run.

4. Be willing to give, the bigger your heart, the broader your horizons.

5. Strategy outweighs tactics.

6. In the market, it's always a minority that makes money, and the majority that loses it. Only by trading against the majority's consensus can you become a winner!

7. Speaking at the core of it, it's about light positioning. Why light positions? Because this is a game where large funds eat small funds. As long as your capital is sufficient, it doesn't matter whether you follow or go against the trend; when you follow, you can turn it into going against, and vice versa.

8. Light positioning, contrarian trading, taking profits early, and compound interest encompass all the secrets of trading.

9. Enter to test the waters, cut losses quickly, let profits run.

10. Gains and losses come from the same source, stay calm and undisturbed.

11. You must be present when lightning strikes.

12. Be prepared to handle losses and maintain confidence.

13. "Make enough money to meet your needs, and then leave the market forever."

14. The most useful advice is: operate within cycles that suit you.

15. It either forms a trend or a range.

16. The future is uncertain; the only certainties are that nails will grow, and hunger will require food.

17. Once you know too much, start simplifying.

18. Understand that holding positions and trading are different matters. Trading is a verb, an action often carried out intentionally and frequently.

19. The most perfect trading state is like breathing: inhale and exhale, enter and exit.

20. Follow the trend to thrive, go against it to perish. No need to elaborate.

20. Test correctly!!! No need for a sentence, these two words suffice.

22. "Among all speculative errors, there is almost none greater than attempting to average out losses. Always remember to close positions showing losses and keep those showing profits. The most foolish action is adding good money to bad positions."

23. A trading plan is only effective if it is followed.

24. Keep discipline! Discipline is above all! Discipline ensures profitable trading!

25. It comes down to three words: wait and stop loss. Waiting is the first priority, stop loss second.

26. The most important advice is to forget about futures leverage, buy commodities in full, and wait for prices to rise.

27. The most important thing is to trust yourself.

28. Approach strategy like scientific research.

29. There are no bull or bear markets, only bull and bear traders.

30. "Plan your trade. Trade your plan."

31. Supply and demand determine price, imbalance determines magnitude! Trade on the right side, follow the trend!

32. Stay away from peers, avoid news, extend cycles, increase revenue, and reduce expenditure!

33. Either don't hold a position, or hold it firmly to the end.

34. Forget about expectations, give up predictions, and adopt probability thinking. This is what I consider most important currently. What is deemed important may change as one advances.

35. Let go of obsessions and illusions, remain calm and composed, and manage your mind well.

36. Blind fear is more terrifying than blind confidence.

37. Extremes beget reversals. When prices drop to extremely low levels, start buying gradually and wait for the market to rise. When prices reach extremely high levels, start selling gradually and wait for prices to fall. High and low profits both have their limits. Trust that prices will move from irrational to rational levels.

38. Quoting a famous person: The first rule is not to lose money. The second rule is to always remember the first rule.

45. Any trading not based on supply and demand is mere trickery. The most useful advice is to stay alive and make your trading process easier.

40. Simplicity is supreme. Ultimately, trading methods become simplified, and analyzing market data also becomes easier, from using two moving averages to just one.

41. Before trading each day, review your trading principles.

42. Know what to do if your opened position is right or wrong.

43. Logic is the spear, position sizing the shield. Act with integrity and surprise.

44. Accept everything the market gives you. Timing to attack and defend leads to victory.

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