Market Insights: Jan12th, 2024


The SEC has approved bitcoin ETFs;China's A-share market saw varied sector performances.

Stock Market Dynamics:

The A-share market saw fluctuations across various sectors, with the environmental protection, new urbanization, aquaculture, shipping, and hydropower sectors showing strong performance. On the other hand, sectors involving liquor tourism, computing power, semiconductors, and brokerages experienced declines. In addition, the Hong Kong stock market also presented a good trend.

Cryptocurrency Market:

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has approved Spot Bitcoin ETF, marking a significant development for the Bitcoin market. It offers investors a new way to hold Bitcoin through traditional stock accounts, providing an option that is more cost-effective and convenient compared to directly holding Bitcoin.

U.S. Bond Market:

The U.S. Treasury recently conducted an auction of 30-year bonds, indicating an increase in foreign demand. The results of the auction were considered robust, yet the market needs to stay alert to the large volume of new U.S. bonds to be issued this year.

Global Bond Market Outlook:

Against a backdrop of slower global economic growth and rising benchmark interest rates, the market holds a cautious outlook on the prospects of the bond market. Although some believe that increased bond supply might not lead to a decrease in prices, the high-interest-rate environment poses challenges to the bond market.

Chinese Energy Sector:

The ultra-high voltage and smart grid sectors showed solid performances, with shares of Dalian Insulator hitting the daily limit. Analysts believe that the completion of the EU's grid renovation and the wrapping up of China's "14th Five-Year Plan" ultra-high voltage construction, alongside the upcoming "15th Five-Year Plan," will drive industry demand growth.

Chinese Economic Data:

Data released by the National Bureau of Statistics of China shows that the Consumer Price Index (CPI) decreased by 0.3% year-on-year in December, while the Producer Price Index (PPI) fell by 2.7% year-on-year.

U.S. Inflation Data:

U.S. inflation data exceeded expectations, leading to increased, rather than decreased, expectations for interest rate cuts. Federal Reserve officials stated that a rate cut in March might be premature.

Chinese Trade Data:

In December 2023, China's exports increased by 2.3% year-over-year.

Oil Price Dynamics:

Airstrikes by US-led forces on the Houthi group in Yemen sparked concerns about further disruptions to Middle East supplies, causing oil prices to surge during the Asian trading session.

Chinese Consumer Price Index:

In December, the Chinese Consumer Price Index (CPI) saw a slight increase due to the year-end holiday period stimulating consumption, although the Producer Price Index (PPI) continued to decline, indicating signs of a consumption slowdown.

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