Australian unions announce strike, potentially disrupting global LNG supply


Australian unions issue strike notices, which may affect global LNG supply. Workers at Woodside Energy Group plan to strike, potentially impacting the supply of raw materials to Australia's largest LNG plant.

The Woodside Energy Group's offshore natural gas union announced plans to strike as early as September 2nd, potentially disrupting Australia, the world's largest exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG), and its LNG transportation.

The offshore gas platforms supply raw materials for Australia's largest LNG plants, and the strike threatens to exacerbate the long-standing wage dispute between Woodside and its workers,

Under legal requirements, Australian unions must notify the company seven working days before a strike, but they can decide to cancel any action beforehand.

The Offshore Alliance, formed by the Maritime Union of Australia and the Australian Workers' Union, stated in a Facebook post that they have agreed to provide Woodside with seven working days' notice, and if their negotiation demands are not met by the close of this Wednesday, they will proceed with the strike.

Brad Gandy, a spokesperson for the Offshore Alliance, said that Woodside has tried all possible strategies to avoid collective bargaining with the workers, but the company does not have the final say. The members of the Offshore Alliance will not strike lightly, but Woodside has left them no choice.

A Woodside spokesperson refused to respond to the latest situation on Sunday, maintaining the company's stance of continuing to engage in negotiations actively and constructively.

The Offshore Alliance also represents workers on Chevron's Gorgon and Wheatstone LNG projects. Last Friday, workers began voting to decide whether to authorize the union to initiate a strike, with results to be announced by Thursday.

After the Fair Work Commission approved protected industrial action, 99% of Woodside workers authorized the union to take a series of industrial actions, including strikes.

Woodside and Chevron's projects together account for about 10% of the global LNG market. Concerns about the strike have triggered fluctuations in European gas prices, amid fears it will exacerbate competition over goods between buyers in Asia and Europe.

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