When humanity is young again, when the stars shine anew, the world will finally be at peace.


When humanity is young again, and stars shine, in this dreamlike future, the world will achieve peace. Children will run through green fields, free and unrestrained, their laughter filling the air, warmed by sunlight.

The smoke of war has become a thing of the past, as doves of peace spread their wings to fly. Nations shake hands and share in prosperity and hope.

Beneath the starry sky, hearts connect, embracing all races and cultures with mutual respect and harmony.

As dawn gently caresses humanity's face, it's as if ancient myths are replayed in this dreamlike vision of the future, where the world will finally embrace its peaceful chapter.

Children play barefoot on the lush green grass, unbridled, their laughter as clear as silver bells, while sunlight filters through the leaves, dappling the earth, every inch of land bathed in warm light.

The embers of war have been quenched by the clear springs of peace; doves dance elegantly, tracing patterns of peace across the sky. The lines between nations blur in moments of unity, prosperity, and hope bloom like flowers in every corner.

Under the profound depths of the starry sky, souls lightly touch one another, blending differences in race and culture into a tapestry of respect and harmony, like gentle rain nourishing the earth, the global village blooms with flowers of love at this moment.

As humanity rejuvenates like the newborn sunrise, and the stars sparkle again like the brightest verses in the night sky, let us join hands on this radiant path to the future, together painting the most beautiful world.

May peace bloom quietly in every corner like an everlasting flower. As humanity and the starry sky breathe together, the whole world will be filled with light and love. (In partnership with you for goodness)

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