Market Insights: Dec 4th, 2023


The spot gold price hits a historic high; there is a noticeable trend of mergers and acquisitions among small and medium-sized banks; China Evergrande Group seeks a postponement in the winding-up court hearing in Hong Kong.

Market Dynamics:

  1. Surge in Gold Price: The spot gold price broke through $2,100 per ounce, reaching a historic high.
  2. SOE Tech Index: The "national team" increased holdings in the state-owned enterprise (SOE) technology index, focusing on innovative technology companies such as Hikvision, AVIC Optoelectronics, AVIC Shenyang Aircraft, Zhenhua Technology, and Baoxin Software.
  3. Stock Market Trends: Healthcare stocks in the Hong Kong and A-share markets continue to decline, with WuXi Biologics experiencing a significant drop of over 20%. A-share indices show mixed opening performance, with the automobile sector leading the market.
  4. Competition Among U.S. Assets: U.S. stocks, bonds, and gold are all on the rise, with Wall Street closely watching the future interest rate cuts by the Federal Reserve.

Macro-Economic and Policy News:

  1. U.S. Economy: Market attention shifts to the timing and extent of interest rate cuts by the Federal Reserve, with May 1st seen as a potential turning point in the current rate hike cycle. Market expectations for rate cuts exceed those of the Federal Reserve.
  2. Chinese Economy: Efforts are needed to achieve a 5% economic growth rate in 2023, and the Chinese Yuan is expected to appreciate moderately with limited magnitude. Dongwu Securities predicts the possibility of the Yuan breaking the 7.0 mark.
  3. Changes in the Banking Sector: Noticeable wave of mergers and acquisitions among small and medium-sized banks.
  4. Alibaba News: Alibaba Group exits its holdings in seven listed companies, including Focus Media, Qianfang Technology, and Meinian Health, promoting independent development outside its main business.
  5. Pangongsheng's Emphasis: China's real estate market is undergoing a significant transformation, and it is necessary to proactively adapt to this change while adhering to the principle of "housing is for living, not for speculation."
  6. Cybersecurity: In the face of system crash events, network security and stability become crucial issues, urging companies and regulatory bodies to strengthen security management of data centers and cloud platforms.
  7. Missing Documents Issue: Several mainland banks report does not receive relevant white list documents, potentially affecting their business operations.

International Relations and Other Aspects:

  • Dow Jones Futures and S&P 500 Index: Dow Jones futures remain stable, and the S&P 500 index closes at its highest point of the year.
  • China Evergrande Group: China Evergrande Group seeks a delay in the Hong Kong liquidation court hearing.
  • Middle East Tensions: Oil prices have risen due to renewed focus on Middle East tensions.
  • Raymondo's Proposal to Restrict Chinese Chip Technology: Raymondo calls for international allies to take joint action to restrict China's chip technology development.
  • Market Optimism About National Team's Support for A-shares: Expectations of the national team supporting the A-share market bring positive sentiment to the Hang Seng Index.


Risk Warning and Disclaimer

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