Scan platform JDR! "Unlicensed driving" deceives Chinese investors!


JDR, an Australian brokerage firm, entered the domestic market in 2021, offering online margin foreign exchange and derivatives trading.

JDR is an Australian brokerage firm that entered the domestic market in 2021, claiming to be a diversified international financial services group. Its services include (but are not limited to) online margin foreign exchange trading and derivatives trading.



The platform once used "bonus" incentives to lure investors to deposit funds, and subsequently engaged in malicious actions such as retracting the "bonus" and freezing client funds, refusing withdrawals, which led to widespread exposure by major platforms and media.

So how has JDR been doing recently, and have they reined in their activities of enticing deposits due to the exposure from a large number of customer complaints, or have they adopted new trading strategies?

Official website: https://jdrsecurities.cn/



Upon visiting JDR's official website, there's an option for Simplified Chinese, with each navigation and page set in detailed Simplified Chinese. Additionally, it's stated in the footer declaration that "JDR Securities Limited does not accept applications from residents of the United States and Australia."



After reviewing all the information displayed on the official website, JDR claims to have two offices, located in Saint Vincent and Australia, and showcased the establishment of the company [JDR Securities Limited]. Although JDR claims to be regulated, it did not specify which regulatory authority oversees it or display any license information. The refusal to accept applications from US and Australian residents is also very suspicious.

Regulatory Information


Through the Yidong Exchange's APP interface, you can directly view JDR's regulatory status, combined with the two offline entity companies JDR showcased on its website located in Saint Vincent and Australia, let's investigate if these companies hold any regulatory licenses issued by the authorities.


Firstly, a search on the Australian ASIC's official website did not yield any related licenses for JDR under the Australian Financial Services licensee option.



However, after searching for "financial services authorized representative" (AR), it was found that JDR holds multiple related licenses, and the one that matches the displayed address has the regulatory certificate number: 001296086, with the licensee company named 【JDR SECURITIES PTY LTD】.

This license, as claimed by JDR to be the Australian ASIC license they hold, is an AR license. The real licensee company is 【ROYAL FINANCIAL TRADING PTY LTD】, which means that the Australian ASIC does not directly regulate the Australian entity 【JDR SECURITIES PTY LTD】.



Moreover, this license only provides general financial product advice. Applying for, obtaining, changing, or disposing of another financial product, and can only serve wholesale clients, not the general retail end consumers.

Simply put, this license is an AR license, not regulated by the regulatory body ASIC of Australia, and it also does not have the full regulatory authorization for foreign exchange trading, making it ineffective regulation.



On its website, JDR also showcased an entity located in Saint Vincent, namely 【JDR Securities Limited】. Regrettably, no license from Saint Vincent’s regulatory authority (svgfsa) was found.



Additionally, in New Zealand, a company with the same name 【JDR Securities Limited】 was found, but the New Zealand FMA's official website did not list a regulatory license for JDR's New Zealand company 【JDR Securities Limited】. Thus, this license is not usable for transactions with investors, and caution is advised against going beyond regulatory limits!

Trading Platform


To date, no valid regulation has been found for JDR. On JDR's trading platform, the mainstream platform MT4 is available. Does MT4 use entities holding valid regulations for transactions with investors?



JDR's real transactions on the MT4 platform were with Saint Vincent's entity, 【JDR Securities Limited】, which, as mentioned before, is unregulated.



The servers for the two unregulated accounts opened with MT4 are also both located in China, and the trading explanations on the official website are in Simplified Chinese by default. Are these two unregulated accounts specially designed for Chinese investors to fall into?


Currently, all accounts with which JDR conducts real transactions are unregulated, with suspicions of defrauding Chinese investors. The Australian ASIC (AR) license displayed does not have full foreign exchange trading authority and cannot directly regulate transactions. Furthermore, the two entity companies are unregulated! The mainstream MT4 platform uses unregulated accounts for transactions, posing a very high risk. It's recommended to stay away!

The content above is based on documentation checked by Dong Ge to prevent fraudulent brokers from utilizing proprietary trading platforms to create a controlled trading environment. The verification content is for reference only. Please exercise due diligence before trading!

Risk Warning and Disclaimer

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Pig Butchering Scam

The 'Pig Butchering Scam' is a type of financial fraud that originated in Southeast Asia, but has now become prevalent globally. The name stems from the scammers' method of dealing with their victims: similar to raising pigs, they first 'fatten' them by building trust, and then 'slaughter' them by swindling away all their money.


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