Bitcoin once fell below $61,000, with exchange coin prices plummeting to $8,900.


All investments carry risks. The recent surge in Bitcoin attracted many investors who were blindly optimistic about it. However, in the past week, Bitcoin has begun a continuous decline, already falling below the $61,000 mark.

Since the beginning of 2024, the cryptocurrency market has experienced a meteoric rise, thanks to a combination of favorable factors, climaxing on March 13th when it successfully broke through the $73,000 mark. This surge led to significant losses for traders who had bet against Bitcoin, while also enticing many who were unfamiliar with cryptocurrency to enter the market blindly, believing that buying more would inevitably lead to greater profits and expecting Bitcoin to continue its skyrocketing trend.

Unfortunately, the peak on March 13th lasted only a day, and the market began to decline in the latter half of March 14th. This downturn proved unstoppable, prompting many investors who had rushed in to hastily exit, exacerbating Bitcoin's downward trend. By 1:00 PM on March 20th, the price had fallen below $61,000. Although there was a slight rebound afterwards, the downturn had become apparent.


Bitcoin's volatility is not an isolated incident; other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and XRP have also entered a decline, indicating that the drop in Bitcoin is part of a broader trend within the cryptocurrency market.


Despite the downturn scaring off some investors, a significant number remain confident in Bitcoin. This confidence is partly because Bitcoin's "halving," a process that reduces its mining reward by half every four years and has historically stabilized or increased its price, is approaching.

Some investors and analysts even view the current decline in Bitcoin optimistically, seeing it as a better opportunity than a rise, as it allows investors to buy more Bitcoin at lower prices in anticipation of its value increasing after the next halving. However, whether this optimistic expectation will materialize remains uncertain.

As Bitcoin faced increasing downward pressure, BitMEX, a cryptocurrency exchange, couldn't withstand the strain, resulting in a "flash crash." On Tuesday (March 19), the platform saw a sudden influx of sell orders, with Bitcoin's price momentarily dropping to $8,900 in just two minutes, while its price on other exchanges remained above $60,000. In response, BitMEX stated that it is investigating potential misconduct, leaving open the question of whether illegal activities had occurred.



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