InbaseTrader: Scam Warning—Your Investment Is in Danger!


In August, numerous investment schemes emerged with InbaseTrader being a notable example. Their amateurish and deceptive tactics seem to disregard the intelligence of potential investors.

Company Name: InbaseTrader

Website: https://www.inbasetrader.com/

Business Type: Investment Scheme/ Capital Operation Plate

Risk Assessment at Traderknows: High Risk

The proliferation of Capital Operation Plate, especially those as recent as InbaseTrader, controlled by Chinese entities and founded on August 15, 2023. Traderknows takes us to unveils the true identity of InbaseTrader.

Let's begin with an introduction from InbaseTrader's official website:


For unsuspecting investors, does this presentation not seem overly impressive? They claim to be a hedge fund, an English company in operation for over 20 years, showcasing vast historical experience and professional expertise. However, a simple background check reveals that the company entity they mention, "INBASE HOLDING PTY LIMITED," was registered less than a month before the publication date (September 6, 2023). (Please see the checking result in the Australian ASIC official website in the following image.) One must wonder how a company formed less than 30 days ago can boldly assert over 20 years of existence. Is this audacity a gift from Liang Jingru (a Chinese famous singer) or is it an assumption that investors have negative IQs?


Furthermore, a WHOIS query reveals that InbaseTrader's official website was registered on June 4, 2023. This means that the InbaseTrader team registered the domain in June, developed the website in two months, and officially began deceiving regular investors in August.


InbaseTrader even design a timeline specially on its website, supposedly detailing its "Corporate Development History."

One of the most ludicrous entries claims that in 2021, InbaseTrader decided to terminate its cooperation with MetaQuotes (the MT5 software provider) and switch to Ctrader. Nowadays, doesn't anyone know that the MT (MetaTrader) review process is very rigorous? How can an unregulated company established just under 30 days ago dare to say that it terminated cooperation with MetaQuotes? It seems like they couldn't obtain approval from MetaTrader, and they chose to make up a story instead of admitting it. Selecting Ctrader is likely because it currently has less stringent background checks for brokers, making it easier for almost anyone with money to purchase it.


Now, let's discuss regulation. InbaseTrader proudly proclaims on its official website that it is regulated by the NFA, Canada's Fintrac MSB, and ASIC in Australia. It may sound reputable, but what's the actual situation?


Firstly, let's look at the NFA. According to the regulatory number, we find out from the NFA official website that InbaseTrader is not regulated by the NFA, even not an NFA member. How can they so blatantly mislead with their regulatory claims on their website?


Next, consider Canada's Fintrac MSB. There is absolutely no information about InbaseTrader on the MSB official website. Even if there were any related information, many non-professionals might not understand that Fintrac MSB is focused on currency exchange business, which have no relevance to the financial trading services InbaseTrader claims to provide. It's like having a restaurant license and claiming to offer financial services. Can investors trust to hand over their money to InbaseTrader?


Finally, the only regulation that can be verified is the one InbaseTrader heavily promotes – ASIC in Australia. Indeed, on ASIC's website, it can be confirmed that InbaseTrader, under the entity "STAR FUNDS MANAGEMENT PTY LTD," was authorized on August 17, 2023. However, many non-professionals may not be aware that Star Funds primarily grants authorizations for Capital Operation Plate to advertise. This can be done with minimal fees, just a few thousand dollars, to obtain a certificate from Star Funds. Moreover, Star Funds' authorization does not grant any retail forex trading rights. In other words, even with Star Funds' authorization, InbaseTrader remains an unregulated scam entity. Investors' money does not go into any third-party accounts; it goes directly into the pockets of InbaseTrader's operators.


InbaseTrader also claims to have received over 20 global honors, which is even more absurd. How can anyone believe their credibility when none of the 20 honors can be verified?


In summary, InbaseTrader is the poorly crafted “Capital Operation Plate” fraud gang, established for less than a month, and not regulated by any supervisory authority. Additionally, there is no publicly available information regarding the company's staff or specific office locations. Investors are urged to exercise extreme caution when considering their services. If you have fallen victim to this scheme, please report it to the relevant law enforcement agencies promptly.

Risk Warning and Disclaimer

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