Well-Known Adult Content Creator HongKongDoll Went Bankrupt


Doll Sister debuted on P-site, gained financial independence through contracts, but went bankrupt after her wallet was emptied. She announced it on Nov 3, 2023, attracting attention and speculation.

HongKongDoll is an online celebrity with a massive fan base on platforms like Pornhub and Onlyfans. Recently, she has ignited intense discussions among overseas netizens on social media. HongKongDoll originally gained fame for her provocative image and high-quality works. On November 3, 2023, Doll Sister announced on social media that her wallet had been emptied, and she is currently in a bankrupt state, considering a comeback to her previous profession.

Speculations on the Burst:

the instant disappearance of wealth The climax unfolded on November 3, 2023, when HongKongDoll personally declared bankruptcy on social media. This sudden announcement instantly set social media ablaze, sparking widespread attention and discussions among fans and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Some speculate that it might be due to HongKongDoll making incorrect contract decisions in the financial market, leading to her wallet being emptied. The once millions or even billions in assets have now been consumed by market fluctuations.


Hacker Intrusion:

Private Key Theft Another widely circulated speculation is that HongKongDoll might be a victim of hacking, and her private key may have been accidentally leaked during a live broadcast. If this speculation holds true, the chances of recovering her digital assets are extremely slim.


Boyfriend, Producer or Director?:

Love and Betrayal More dramatically, after HongKongDoll's bankruptcy, her boyfriend, who is also the director and editor, and played a role in introducing her to Pornhub, appears to have parted ways with her. HongKongDoll had previously mentioned on social media that some of her assets were being managed by her boyfriend. Whether this event is related to him remains uncertain.



The Infamous Journey of a Well-Known Web Celebrity

HongKongDoll initially started as a video creator on adult websites, attracting a large fan base with her bold content. She gained significant influence on Pornhub and Onlyfans. HongKongDoll's success in the industry is also attributed to her (former) boyfriend who introduced her to the field.


HongKongDoll in the NFT Space

In late 2022, HongKongDoll released her NFT works on the renowned NFT trading platform Opensea. Her NFT works are based on her personal image, with the familiar mask. However, this time, HongKongDoll's works belong to the NFT art field.


Although this NFT avatar may seem ordinary, given HongKongDoll's large fan base and strong purchasing power, the auction price on Opensea is exceptionally high, with the highest bidder willing to offer 5.21 ETH (approximately RMB 150,000) to purchase it.


HongKongDoll frequently interacts with fans on social media, seeking advice on which NFTs are worth buying. She has gradually become a unique influencer in the NFT community. Sometimes, she even posts inquiries to fans, and the responses from fans are always creative.


Rumors of Financial Freedom?

According to HongKongDoll's previously posted holdings information on Twitter, she participated in leveraged contract trading by shorting Ethereum, with a leverage ratio of 50 times. When she opened the short contract, the price of Ethereum was $2836 per coin, and she held 800 contracts. The current price of Ethereum has fallen to $1995 per coin.


However, HongKongDoll personally clarified, claiming that she did not earn that much. Nevertheless, it is certain that HongKongDoll has indeed earned substantial profits from market trading. Fans once believed that HongKongDoll was financially free and prepared to leave the industry, but HongKongDoll herself denied the related retirement rumors.



While feeling regretful for HongKongDoll's situation, TraderKnows would like to remind readers the below. The risks in the financial market not only come from market fluctuations but also from the security and confidentiality of assets such as electronic wallets. Here, we can only wish HongKongDoll produces more good films and quickly alleviates financial pressure.



Risk Warning and Disclaimer

The market carries risks, and investment should be cautious. This article does not constitute personal investment advice and has not taken into account individual users' specific investment goals, financial situations, or needs. Users should consider whether any opinions, viewpoints, or conclusions in this article are suitable for their particular circumstances. Investing based on this is at one's own responsibility.

The End



Bankruptcy is a severe financial distress for individuals or businesses, potentially leading to asset loss, reputational damage, loss of operational control, and worsening financial conditions.

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