BITBK is a Scam! Your Money is not Safe!!


BITBK advertises itself as a globally renowned digital trading platform, providing a range of digital asset trading services.

BITBK advertises itself as a globally renowned digital trading platform, providing a range of digital asset trading services, and aims to achieve a community-centric and shared-profit ecosystem. They have also introduced what they call the "BK governance token," and a novel asset-backed token creation model aimed at fostering platform value growth. However, a deep dive into their economic model documentation reveals several potential red flags.

Market manipulation?

The token distribution model of BITBK reveals that the insurance fund makes up 30%, and value coinage 48%, proportions that might conceal risks behind an ostensibly reasonable facade. Specifically, the 48% allocated to value coinage could easily become an instrument for market manipulation absent clear rules and oversight. This lack of transparency in fund allocation and management could lead to misappropriation of funds, heightening risks to investor assets.

Profit from both Buy and sell sides? Are you kidding me?

What raises further alarm is BITBK's proposed new economic model that promises "price increases whether you buy or sell, forging a token that multiplies in value." This model outwardly entices investors with the prospect of value appreciation even upon selling. However, this model bears an unsettling resemblance to classic Ponzi schemes, which rely on capital from new investors to remunerate earlier ones, thus artificially inflating the token's value without genuine growth.


Concocting fancy formulas to deceive uninformed investors

The platform has also concocted a complex formula for calculating token value, involving the ratio of the total value of ETH to the aggregate number of BK tokens. This formula could artificially inflate token prices during bullish markets, luring more investors. However, when the market cools or fresh investments fail to uphold this scheme, token values could plummet, inflicting severe losses on investors.


Pyramid Scam

Moreover, BITBK's model includes what they term "static" and "dynamic" mining, along with community events and marketing strategies designed to enhance user engagement. These tactics might temporarily boost platform activity and token value, but in the absence of sustained real-world value, this could merely be a financial merry-go-round.

Legal Liabilities of Participating in BITBK

With regards to the legal liabilities of participating in BITBK, our analysis combined with information available on the internet gives us ample reason to suspect that BITBK harbors substantial risks and that its business model aligns with that of a Ponzi scheme. Should our analysis reflect the reality, those involved with BITBK could potentially face legal repercussions, including but not limited to charges of fraud, illicit fundraising, and financial deception, which are strictly prohibited and targeted by Chinese law. BITBK's promotional materials suggest that their deceptive operations have infiltrated various regions nationally and across Southeast Asia, with the potential economic damage to the unsuspecting public being incalculable.



TraderKnows warns that the BITBK exchange presents significant dangers, operates illegally, and its business model is akin to a Ponzi scheme. Any investor engaging with BITBK projects assumes the associated legal risks, including illegal fundraising and fraud among others. If you know of friends or family involved with BITBK, it is imperative to counsel them to steer clear of this fraudulent endeavor to safeguard their assets. The Bitbk exchange (BTW PRO) is currently flagged as a "Ponzi scheme" on TraderKnows.

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Ponzi Scheme

Ponzi scheme is a type of financial fraud model that promises high returns and pays early investors with the funds from new investors, ultimately leading to losses for the majority.


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