EC Markets·Anying 2023 Review - Innovating and Competing, Leading a New Era in Online Trading

EC Markets
EC Markets

2023 marks a year of integrity, innovation, and progress for Ec Markets. Focused on innovation and global strategy, it has cemented its leadership in the forex market.

Ec Markets · A Review of 2023 - Innovative Competition, Leading a New Era of Online Trading

Since its establishment in London, UK in 2012, Ec Markets has always been dedicated to providing exceptional financial investment services, closely revolving around the service principle of "customer first, service priority," and offering global investors an ultimate trading experience. As one of the world's leading forex online trading brokers, Ec Markets has earned the trust of global clients and the favor of the media thanks to its excellent trading experiences and high-quality customer service.

The year 2023 has been one of expanding global layout for Ec Markets. Based in London's financial city and setting global strategic goals, Ec Markets has continuously enhanced its globalization, offering global investors more personalized, diversified, and professional services. Up to now, Ec Markets' clients span across 34 countries and regions worldwide, with business covering Europe, South America, the Middle East, North Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region. Offices have also been established in Australia (Sydney), UAE (Dubai), UK (London), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), and Argentina (Buenos Aires).

In 2023, Ec Markets adhered to the principle of integrity and innovation, striving for excellence through innovation, change, and comprehensive planning. With a strategy focused on "professionalism and globalization," Ec Markets has secured a leading position in the forex market.

To enhance brand awareness, Ec Markets organized a series of brand promotion activities in 2023, including online seminars, industry summits, and media publicity events.

On June 18th, Ec Markets sponsored the Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Art Exchange, initiating a new chapter of cross-industry collaboration. The integration of art and finance not only provided artists with more opportunities and resources but also brought new creativity and value to the financial industry.


On July 22nd, Ec Markets attended the WikiEXPO in Bangkok, Thailand, and was honored with the "Best Broker of the Year" award, a recognition of Ec Markets' commitment to service in the field of forex trading.


On July 24th, Ec Markets proudly held its "Global Mid-Year Rally—Powering Progress Together" annual meeting at its headquarters in London, UK. Senior management representatives from Ec Markets worldwide gathered to share their professional spirit, confidence in the corporation and the finance industry, and detailed future plans through their discussions.


On August 8th, celebrating its 11th anniversary, Ec Markets released a limited edition of eleven-year anniversary gold and silver notes, sharing the glory with global investors. Since its inception, Ec Markets has continuously expanded its business scope and international market, earning the trust and support of many clients. Our success is inseparable from the support and recognition of every client and partner.



On August 26th, Ec Markets hosted an Artificial Intelligence Quantitative Trading Technology Exchange, committing to research and innovation in AI and finance, and promoting the application and development of AI in quantitative trading.


On October 2nd, Ec Markets officially joined the London Stock Exchange Group, becoming a permanent member. This major breakthrough in the global financial market not only enhanced Ec Markets' brand image but also offered its clients a broader range of investment choices and superior services.


On November 20th, Ec Markets participated in the Finance Magnates London Summit, further expanding the company’s global brand influence. With leading fintech and excellent capabilities, Ec Markets became the focus of the event, not only showcasing its innovative financial products and services but also breaking spatial and temporal limits through live streaming, enabling more customers to explore the financial expo and experience the development and innovation of the financial industry.


On January 10, 2024, Ec Markets officially signed snooker world champion Trump as a brand promotion partner. Trump, as a brand promotion partner for Ec Markets, empowers the brand, helping Ec Markets start a new pattern of brand development with a leading position.


On January 28, 2024, Ec Markets hosted the Hangzhou Trading Technology Summit. This summit provided a platform for in-depth discussion and sharing for professionals in the financial field. As the organizer, Ec Markets invited numerous top experts, financial elites, and technology experts to gather together to discuss and share the latest trends, cutting-edge technologies, and their applications in the financial industry.


These key events had a profound impact on the long-term development of Ec Markets. Through a year of effort, Ec Markets achieved remarkable results, all thanks to the company leadership's strategic vision, market insight, and the collective effort of all Ec Markets personnel.

Additionally, Ec Markets' innovation capability and technological strength were further enhanced. Through continuous investment and deep engagement in the "fintech + forex trading" field, the company-developed M.A.T system, using the latest AI technology to aggregate different quotes from banks and tier-1 liquidity providers, has significantly reduced Ec Markets' actual trading spreads compared to single liquidity provider spreads, effectively lowering trading costs for institutions and professional traders by 17.92%.


At the beginning of 2023, the global economy was affected by various factors, causing severe market volatility. Ec Markets successfully faced these challenges by actively responding to market changes, adjusting trading strategies, and providing clients with stable and efficient trading services. Meanwhile, according to market conditions, the product line was continuously improved to meet the diverse investment needs of clients.

To support business development, Ec Markets expanded its staff, hiring a group of high-quality professionals. At the same time, it strengthened employee training and development programs to ensure they possess the skills and knowledge to provide the best service to clients, laying a solid foundation for future business expansion and market extension. Furthermore, by deepening customer relationships and improving service quality, Ec Markets enhanced its market competitiveness and brand influence, laying a solid foundation for continued growth and value creation in the future.

Ec Markets is committed to further deepening cooperation with financial regulatory authorities in 2024 to ensure the compliance and transparency of its platform operations. It is actively acquiring Australian ASIC and South African FSCA regulatory licenses and purchasing Lloyds commercial insurance for global clients, providing an additional one million dollars in insurance protection for each client. By adhering to global regulatory standards, Ec Markets will continue to enhance the trust in the financial market, offering investors a safer and more protected trading environment.

In 2024, Ec Markets will continue to explore innovation in the fintech field with more ambitious plans and outlook, enhancing service levels to meet the changing needs of investors. It will also continue to uphold the core values of innovation and excellence, committed to achieving long-term sustainable development of the business. By strengthening cooperation with global financial institutions and partners, sharing resources and experiences, and jointly developing markets, Ec Markets aims for mutual growth and success.

About Ec Markets

Founded in 2012, Ec Markets, headquartered in London, UK, is now a member of the London Stock Exchange. Since its inception, Ec Markets has been committed to connecting individual traders with the vast potential of the global currency market, currently serving clients in 34 countries and regions worldwide.

Over the past twelve years, Ec Markets has continuously provided a rich array of trading products to retail and institutional clients, covering stocks, precious metals, energy, stock indices, and forex among other asset categories. The advanced M.A.T multi-party aggregation clearing system has significantly reduced trading costs for users and improved order execution efficiency, receiving widespread acclaim for its exceptional trading environment.

As a member of the London Stock Exchange, Ec Markets operates in the financial market with strong strength and professionalism. By continuously enhancing service levels and introducing innovative technologies, Ec Markets is committed to creating a superior trading experience for clients, enabling them to better participate in the global financial market.

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