The FxPro Spring Bonus Event is on! Deposit to double your funds, up to $10,000!


The FxPro Spring Bonus Event is on! Deposit to double your funds, up to $10,000!

Spring is in the air, and everything is renewing. The FxPro Credit Bonus Event is back! This time, the bonus amount reaches up to $10,000! Not only can you receive double the deposit amount in credit bonuses for your first deposit, but you can also get a 50% credit bonus on subsequent deposits. Click here to view the FxPro official event details page.


Event Rules:

  • Event Duration: March 5, 2024, to April 9, 2024
  • Participants must open an MT5 hedging standard activity account with the account currency in USD, JPY, or ZAR
  • Each participant can only open one activity account. If a participant withdraws any amount of funds from their account, the equivalent amount of credit will be deducted
  • The liquidation ratio for the activity account is 50%, with a maximum leverage of 1:500. If the account balance becomes negative, you're still protected by the "negative balance protection" policy, but the credit balance will be reset to zero
  • When the equity is less than the credit balance, all orders will be automatically closed
  • You can trade using the credit balance until April 10, 2024, and any remaining credit balance will be reset on the same day

Event Analysis

  1. Trade greater lot sizes with less capital.
  2. FxPro's credit bonuses are credited instantly without the need for application
  3. Zero threshold, all customers can participate
  4. Still enjoy the negative balance protection policy

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Leveraged Trading

Leveraged trading is a financial trading method that allows investors to trade using borrowed funds to control larger market positions with a relatively small initial investment. Through leverage, investors can magnify potential gains but also increase the potential risk of losses.


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