What is the Falling Trilogy? What are its features? Does it always result in a drop?


Three black crows is a candlestick pattern with a long black candle closing 3% lower, followed by three smaller light candles within the range of the first.

What is the Falling Trilogy?

The Falling Trilogy is a candlestick pattern that emerges during a stock price decline, characterized by a long bearish candle in the midst of the downturn, where the closing price of this long bearish candle is more than 3% lower than its opening price; followed by three small bullish candles; these bullish candles are arranged either high or low, all within the range of the first long bearish candle.

What are the main features of the Falling Trilogy?

The Falling Trilogy is a candlestick pattern that appears during a downtrend in stock prices, with its characteristics and pattern as follows:

  1. Long Bearish Candle: The start of the Falling Trilogy is marked by a long bearish candle, where the closing price is lower than the opening price by more than 3%.
  2. Three Small Bullish Candles: Following the long bearish candle, there comes three small bullish candles. These three small bullish candles are arranged together, with their high and low prices all within the range of the first long bearish candle.
  3. Second Long Bearish Candle: Lastly, the Falling Trilogy ends with a second long bearish candle, whose closing price is lower than that of the first long bearish candle.

Does the appearance of the Falling Trilogy always indicate a further decline?

The appearance of the Falling Trilogy suggests that in the trend of declining stock prices, the attempts of the bulls to rally are suppressed by the bears, who continue to dominate, indicating that stock prices may further decline. When this pattern occurs, investors should choose an appropriate strategy based on the trend, possibly reducing their positions or adopting a defensive stance.

However, not all Falling Trilogies will necessarily lead to a decline. Sometimes, reversal signals may appear. Therefore, operations should be made in conjunction with other technical indicators and fundamental analysis for judgment.

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Falling Three Methods

The Falling Three Methods, also known as the Downward Three Methods, is a candlestick pattern that consists of one long bearish candle, three small bullish candles, and another long bearish candle, indicating a continuation of the downward trend.

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