Market Insights: Jan 26th, 2024


The three major A-share indexes opened lower; Apple made a historic concession; Country Garden begins to exit the UK market this week.

Stock Market and Economy:

  1. The three major A-share indices opened lower, with the Shanghai Composite Index falling 0.28%, Shenzhen Component Index falling 0.52%, and the ChiNext Index falling 1.01%.
  2. The seasonal performance of US stocks shows significant differences; for those worried about a bubble in the US market, the last two weeks of February have historically been the worst two weeks of the year.
  3. US GDP in the fourth quarter outperformed expectations, the S&P 500 reached a new all-time high, and the Federal Reserve raised the interest rate for its emergency lending program.

International Markets:

  1. Growth momentum in the Eurozone is uncertain, and the European Central Bank may cut interest rates as early as March.
  2. Oil prices have stabilized near a two-month high during Asian trading hours and are expected to perform strongly this week.
  3. The Tokyo CPI inflation rate has dropped to a 22-month low, but the city's inflation level is still below 2%.

Tech Industry:

  1. The S&P 500 index has created new all-time highs for five consecutive days. Chip stocks like Nvidia and AMD have also reached new highs. However, Tesla's significant drop after its earnings report has dragged down the NASDAQ index.
  2. OpenAI's CEO, Sam Altman, plans to meet with executives from Samsung and SK Hynix this Friday.
  3. Google plans to invest $1 billion in a new data center in the UK to strengthen artificial intelligence innovation.

Corporate Dynamics:

  1. Apple makes historic concessions in the EU by lowering fees and adjusting App Store policies.
  2. Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba, has increased his holdings of Alibaba's stock and has now replaced SoftBank as the largest shareholder of Alibaba.
  3. SoftBank has completed the reduction of most of its Alibaba shares through financial derivatives.
  4. Ant Group shareholder structure adjustment is complete, which may help eliminate obstacles to listing.

Finance and Policy:

  1. The Financial Regulatory Authority emphasizes that the financial industry must strongly support the real estate market, eliminate the limit on foreign shareholding ratios, and allow foreign capital to fully own bank and insurance institution shares.
  2. US GDP data is better than expected, causing fluctuations in gold prices; futures for the three major indexes are generally rising, but there may be a warning for a potential decline in US stocks.

Real Estate and Debt:

Following a complete withdrawal from its Australian operations, Country Garden began exiting the UK market this week, considering the sale of the Ailsa Wharf residential development project in East London, and has appointed KPMG to conduct debt restructuring.

Automotive and Energy:

The fuel cell factory jointly owned by Honda and General Motors has started commercial production, and more than 4,700 US car dealerships have asked the Biden administration to relax vehicle emission standards.

Risk Warning and Disclaimer

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