Analysts Skeptical as Trump Pressures Ukraine to End Russia-Ukraine Conflict


The Russia-Ukraine conflict has been ongoing for a long time, and recently, the U.S. elections are gradually reaching their climax. Compared to the Biden administration's firm support for Ukraine, the Trump camp holds different views.

The Russia-Ukraine conflict has lasted for a long time, and in today's globalized world, the global economy is closely related. The contradictions between Russia and Ukraine will also affect the global economic situation, with the most obvious being the fluctuation in Russia's oil production due to various reasons after being attacked for a long period.

The current U.S. administration under President Biden has always pursued a policy of supporting Ukraine but not applying significant force, leading to a prolonged Russia-Ukraine war. Facing the U.S. elections, Donald Trump needs to present policies different from Biden's to gain the support of another segment of voters.

Trump has repeatedly stated that if he were to take office, he would resolve the Russia-Ukraine conflict quickly, but has not publicly specified how he would resolve the conflict, emphasizing only "speed."

Recent reports have revealed that Trump's approach involves using the pressure of the United States presidency to force Ukraine to make concessions, including ceding the three focal areas of the conflict: Crimea, Donetsk, and Luhansk, to Russia, which would quickly end the conflict.

However, this policy has been rebutted by multiple U.S. research institutions and think tanks. They mainly hold two viewpoints: one is that the Ukrainian government would not accept such a "traitorous" and "suicidal" approach, even if it could end the war, as not even the powerful United States could force Ukraine to accept such a plan; the other viewpoint suggests that even if these three areas were ceded to Russia according to Russian desires, it would not end the war, as Russia would inevitably make more demands, rendering this solution unfeasible.

Karoline Leavitt, spokesperson for the Trump campaign team, has firmly denied these rumors, stating they are just rumors and not true, while emphasizing that Trump is the only one who has called for both sides to stop the killing.


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