Daily Market Review: April 25


The foreign exchange market is intricately connected, with each event meriting investors' attention and analysis.

Financial Calendar

April 25, Thursday – Data and Financial Events (Beijing Time)

14:00 Germany May GfK Consumer Confidence Index

18:00 UK April CBI Retail Sales Differential

20:30 U.S. Initial Unemployment Claims for the Week Ending April 20

U.S. Real GDP Annualized Quarter Rate Preliminary for Q1

U.S. Real Personal Consumption Expenditures Quarter Rate Preliminary for Q1

U.S. Core PCE Price Index Annualized Quarter Rate Preliminary for Q1

22:00 U.S. March Pending Home Sales Index Monthly Rate

22:30 U.S. Natural Gas EIA Inventory for the Week Ending April 19

Market Review

On Wednesday, the U.S. dollar index fluctuated throughout the day, with the dollar maintaining an upward trend against the yen, ultimately closing at 155.33, the first time it exceeded 155 since June 1990. There were no other significant data releases on that day, and traders awaited the key inflation data, PCE, while other major currencies and precious metals maintained their fluctuations.

Market Commentary 0425354

Today's Focus

U.S Dollar Index: In the double top breakout and pullback phase, short-term resistance at 105.95 and 106.15 remains unchanged, with the previous high near 106.5 acting as a critical zone for bulls and bears. Before an effective breakthrough of this critical zone, focus on the resistance area for potential short opportunities after a rebound.

Market Commentary 0425450

Euro to U.S Dollar: In the double bottom upward movement phase, keep an eye on the support levels at 1.067 and 1.064 during the day. The short-term pivotal zone is around 1.06. Before breaking down through this pivot area effectively, focus on potential short-term buying opportunities after a rebound from the support zone.

Market Commentary 0425538

British Pound to U.S Dollar: The trend is a V-shaped recovery, currently approaching the previous decline starting area. The resistance remains at the 1.254 area, with support around the rebound starting area at 1.234. At this midpoint within the area, wait for the market to stabilize before considering trading opportunities.

Market Commentary 0425624

U.S. Dollar to Japanese Yen: The upward trend continues, with a significant starting point in 1990 near 161, lacking other immediate price focal points. Short-term support lies within the 154.5-154.8 area, with strong support remaining unchanged at 152. Prior to the Bank of Japan's decision, maintaining a watchful stance is recommended.

Market Commentary 0425715

Australian Dollar to U.S Dollar: The upward trend continues, now approaching the resistance area between 0.654-0.656. Short-term attention is on the price reaching this area and the subsequent reaction. The ongoing upward trend allows for small pullbacks followed by continuation of short-term bullish positions.

Market Commentary 0425800

U.S. Dollar to Canadian Dollar: After a rebound to the 1.372-1.374 pivotal area yesterday, the trend continued downward. If the price cannot effectively break above, continue with short positions. The short-term support is at 1.365, with a break below opening downward continuation.

Market Commentary 0425883

Crude Oil: The price continues its range-bound fluctuations, with attention on a short-term double bottom pattern followed by rebound opportunities. Focus on the opportunity for a rebound below 82, with strong support remaining at 80-81. If the price does not break below effectively, maintain a short bullish outlook.

Market Commentary 0425967

Gold: After reaching the resistance area between 2330-2340 yesterday, the price declined again. If the price cannot break through this area effectively, the market outlook remains bearish. Short-term support lies within the 2290-2300 range, with focus on opportunities for sell low and buy dips strategy before effectively surpassing previous highs.

Market Commentary 04251057

S&P Index: The price is now in a breakout and pullback phase, with short-term attention on the support area at 5000-5020. Stabilization and a rebound in the intraday market can continue with long positions, with the upper resistance zone remaining unchanged at 5140-5160.

Market Commentary 04251138

Bitcoin: The price continues to operate within a wide fluctuation range. The 64000 support level remains unchanged for short-term positions if not breached. Upper short-term focus on the 66000 line, a minor level resistance, with a failed rebound suggesting short positions.

Market Commentary 04251220



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