A record $246,900 prize! Join us at the 7th TMGM Global Trading Contest!


TMGM invites you to the 7th TMGM Global Trading Competition! A model of financial competition where professionalism meets passion!

Since its inception, the TMGM Global Trading Championship has successfully hosted six editions, garnering attention as a pinnacle of professionalism, fairness, and unwavering participant enthusiasm in the global trading industry. Today, we proudly announce the eagerly awaited opening of registrations for the seventh edition of the championship, starting from October 25th! In this arena where financial wisdom meets trading strategy, TMGM Group invites investors from around the world to join hands in making history and elevating financial competition to new heights!


Unprecedented prize pool, diversified monthly awards!

The seventh edition of the Trading Championship introduces innovative gameplay that goes beyond expectations. Here's what you can expect:

  1. Record-breaking prize pool: The seventh TMGM Global Trading Championship offers an impressive $246,900 USD in total prizes, a substantial increase from the previous edition, showcasing our group's high recognition and utmost respect for market and investment talents. It aims to entice even more financial experts to engage in this contest of intellect and passion!
  2. Monthly individual awards: Innovation continues as TMGM Group introduces monthly individual awards for the first time in this competition. These awards recognize excellence in different areas of trading, with timely and comprehensive data disclosure ensuring fair competition. Awards include:
    • November 2023 Forex Product Maximum Profit Award: Honoring the highest-profit trader in currency pair trading for the month!
    • December 2023 Precious Metals Product Maximum Profit Award: Celebrating precious metals traders!
    • January 2024 Maximum Trading Volume Award: The volume king takes the top honor!
    • Only orders opened and closed within each award's competition period will be considered. For example, a gold order opened on November 29th does not qualify for the Precious Metals Product Maximum Profit Award. TMGM Group reserves the right to the final interpretation.
  1. Master's division split into three teams, tripling your chances: To cater to the growing enthusiasm of traders, the seventh TMGM Global Trading Championship continues with the mechanism of dividing the Master's division into Red, Blue, and Black teams, significantly increasing the chances of participants winning awards.


More than just money, it's about growth and opportunity

The TMGM Global Trading Championship is not just a financial competition; it's a platform for self-improvement and a launching pad for career advancement. We invite you to join us in this financial extravaganza, driven not only by the allure of immediate prizes and honors but also by your inner desire for success and achievement.

  • Skill enhancement: Sharpen your skills through competition, stay updated on the latest market dynamics, and nurture adaptability.
  • Resource sharing: Connect with top-tier investment professionals, gain access to cutting-edge information, and share real-world experiences.
  • Reputation building: Championship winners become the center of attention in the market, enjoying higher industry recognition.
  • Future opportunities: TMGM Group will award certificates and trophies to winners, injecting boundless potential into their careers.

The seventh edition of the Trading Championship is more than just a financial competition; it's a test of strategy, endurance, and intelligence. Whether you're an experienced veteran or an aspiring newcomer, TMGM Group welcomes your participation as we collectively script legendary tales at this financial spectacle!

[For more information about the seventh TMGM Global Trading Championship, please contact your account manager.]

For real-time rankings and detailed competition information, please visit: https://competition.tmgm-global.live/cn

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