Both Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan are optimistic about the future of the new energy industry.


Ningde Times' stock price surged nearly 14%, driving a strong rebound in the new energy sector and leading to an increase in the GEM index.

On today's trading day (March 11), the stock price of CATL, a leading Chinese new energy company, surged nearly 14%, leading a strong rebound in the stocks of the new energy sectors such as lithium batteries and photovoltaics, with the Growth Enterprise Market Index increasing by more than 3%. Behind this significant surge is the optimistic forecasts and rating adjustments successively issued by J.P. Morgan and Morgan Stanley.

According to reports, Morgan Stanley, which was the first investment bank to downgrade CATL to "sell," has now upgraded its rating to "overweight" in its latest report and raised its target price to 210 yuan.

Analyst Jack Lu pointed out in the report that CATL's fundamentals are expected to reach four turning points, including the end of the price war, profitability expectations better than market forecasts, new generation production lines improving cost efficiency, and optimistic prospects for the "CATL Inside" model.

Morgan Stanley believes that with the improvement in cost efficiency and the consolidation of market share, CATL is expected to maintain its leading position in the future.

Meanwhile, the research report from J.P. Morgan also expresses an optimistic attitude towards the new energy industry. It is expected that, driven by the integration of new energy into mainland China's power grid, the installation volume of photovoltaics in China will be adjusted up by 21%, reaching 255GW.

The bank believes that with the increase in the proportion of renewable energy, the demand for energy storage systems will also rise, predicting that China's energy storage system's new installed capacity will increase by more than 50% in 2024.

Every link in the solar energy industry chain will benefit from the rising global demand for solar energy, and J.P. Morgan has also adjusted the stock ratings of solar-related companies, raising their target prices.

These positive forecasts and rating adjustments indicate that investors are confident about the future of the new energy industry. CATL, as a leading company in the new energy field, has received high recognition from investment institutions for its robust market position and continuously improving cost efficiency.



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