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gupzs.com is an internet information service company located in Beijing, China, with the corporate entity being Beijing Stock Voice Information Co., Ltd. The company was established on July 21, 2008, with Peng Naishun serving as the legal representative. Stock Voice mainly operates as a community platform in the stock market, providing internet information services and diverse service content for participants in the stock market.

Business Scope

  1. Headline News: Release important news and hot news from the stock market.
  2. Real time financial focus: Timely report on the financial focus and real-time dynamics of the stock market.
  3. Daily stock market: Summarize daily stock market data.
  4. Daily market must-read news: Organize important market must-read news.
  5. Summary of Stock Data: Summarize and present data from the stock market.
  6. Main trend: Pay attention to the trend and investment situation of the main funds in the stock market.
  7. Industry related news: Report on industry dynamics and news related to the stock market.
  8. Industry analysis: Provide in-depth analysis and research reports on different industries.
  9. Related enterprise stock research report: Release research reports related to related enterprise stocks.
  10. Social Focus: Pay attention to the impact and response of social events on the stock market.
  11. Individual stock rating: Provide investors with ratings and analysis of individual stocks.
  12. Introduction to Stocks: Provide beginners with an introduction to stock trading and knowledge popularization.
  13. Information related to listed companies: Report on relevant information and trends of listed companies.
  14. Stock Forum: Provides a discussion area related to stocks, including stock general forum, hot stock pool, stock indicators, stock book downloads, trading memoirs, technical analysis, and other sections.

Customer Group

  1. Stock investors: Individual investors and institutional investors are the main customer groups of gupzs.com. This type of investor can access real-time information, data analysis, and research reports on the stock market through the services of gupzs.com, making investment decisions.
  2. Stock Traders: Active stock traders are also clients of gupzs.com. This type of investor pays more attention to real-time financial focus, daily stock prices, main trends, and other information to assist in trading decisions and grasp market dynamics.
  3. Financial institutions: Some financial institutions, securities firms, and fund companies are also clients of gupzs.com. These institutions obtain industry analysis, research reports, and other information through gupzs.com for investment strategy formulation and business decision-making.
  4. Novice investors: For beginners in the stock market, the stock introduction guide and investment knowledge popularization provided by gupzs.com can help these groups learn basic investment knowledge and exchange experiences.
  5. Stock market practitioners: including analysts, financial journalists, and other stock market practitioners who pay attention to industry related news, company research reports, and other information provided by gupzs.com for work and information collection.

Language Support: Simplified Chinese

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FAQ About gupzs.com


What is the official website of gupzs.com?

The official website of gupzs.com is http://www.gupzs.com/.


Is gupzs.com legit or scam?

gupzs.com is currently listed as Active on TraderKnows.


What kind of company is gupzs.com?

gupzs.com is a Stock, Community company.

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