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Since its establishment, MT4 Forex Rebate Network has become one of the preferred online trading platforms for global forex traders due to its professional services and customer-first philosophy. As an integrated platform that combines forex trading services and educational resources, MT4 Forex Rebate Network is committed to providing the highest quality trading experience and the most comprehensive learning resources to help clients succeed in the ever-changing forex market.

Partner Platforms

MT4 Forex Rebate Network has established strong partnerships with globally renowned forex trading platforms such as Exness, ICMarkets, FxPro, ValuTrades, and FXTM. Through these collaborations, MT4 Forex Rebate Network not only offers a range of trading products and services but also ensures that clients enjoy the most competitive spreads and lowest trading costs. These partners are carefully selected to meet the highest industry standards and regulatory requirements, ensuring the security of client funds and the fairness of transactions.


MT4 Forex Rebate Network regularly launches various attractive promotions to reward new and loyal customers. These activities include, but are not limited to, first deposit bonuses, trading volume rebates, and referral rewards. The purpose of these promotions is to reduce trading costs, improve trading efficiency, and encourage active trading on the platform, maximizing the return on investment for clients.


Demo Accounts

MT4 Forex Rebate Network has specially set up demo account features that allow beginners and traders with less experience to observe and learn from the trading strategies of experienced traders. Through these demo accounts, users can track the operations of professional traders in real time and analyze their trading decisions, thereby learning how to develop effective trading strategies and manage risk in various market conditions.

Real-Time Spreads

In forex trading, the spread is one of the key factors determining trading cost. MT4 Forex Rebate Network provides real-time spread information to ensure traders can always be aware of the current market spread. This is particularly important for clients who engage in day trading and seek low-cost trading, as it can help them enter and exit the market at optimal times, thus improving trading efficiency.


The FAQ section on MT4 Forex Rebate Network's platform provides detailed information covering various aspects from account registration, funds deposit and withdrawal, to trading operations. Clients can find clear and accurate guidance for any issues they encounter. The purpose of this section is to ensure that clients can resolve any problems in the shortest time possible, thereby improving their trading efficiency.

EA Reviews

MT4 Forex Rebate Network offers comprehensive EA (Expert Advisor) review services, which are particularly popular among customers who like to use automated trading strategies. By providing comprehensive evaluations of different EAs' performance, stability, risk level, and profit potential, MT4 Forex Rebate Network helps clients choose the EAs that best suit their trading styles, enabling them to perform better in the market.

Risk Disclaimer

MT4 Forex Rebate Network provides comprehensive risk education and warnings on its platform. These alerts aim to remind clients of the high risks involved in forex trading and encourage them to adopt cautious trading strategies, manage their investment portfolios wisely, and maintain constant attention to market dynamics. Through these risk reminders, MT4 Forex Rebate Network hopes to enhance clients' awareness of risk and help them trade with controllable risks.

Resource Downloads

To further enhance clients' trading knowledge and skills, MT4 Forex Rebate Network provides a wealth of educational resources and downloadable materials. Included are materials on the basics of the forex market, advanced trading strategies, and market analysis techniques, which are very suitable for those looking to gain a deeper understanding of the forex market and improve their trading skills.


In conclusion, MT4 Forex Rebate Network offers a quality, efficient, and reliable trading environment for global forex traders through its comprehensive services and resources. The platform is not only suitable for professional traders seeking efficient trading solutions but also for novice traders who have just entered the forex market and wish to enhance their trading skills.


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FAQ About MT4 Forex Rebate Network


What is the official website of MT4 Forex Rebate Network?

The official website of MT4 Forex Rebate Network is https://www.mt4ib.com/.


Is MT4 Forex Rebate Network legit or scam?

MT4 Forex Rebate Network is currently listed as Active on TraderKnows.


What kind of company is MT4 Forex Rebate Network?

MT4 Forex Rebate Network is a Forex, IB company.

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