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WowForex is a website providing forex rebate services, targeting users outside of Mainland China, especially overseas Chinese, expatriates, compatriots in Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan, as well as foreign users. The website offers information about brokers, regulation, and product materials for reference, but does not constitute any investment advice. WowForex assumes no responsibility for the personal trading investment activities of visitors from Mainland China.

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Relationship between Users and Brokers

WowForex only provides brand information, advertisements, and product displays, and is not affiliated with any forex platform, nor does it recommend any platform. The website does not handle customer funds, collect or disclose information, nor does it participate in the operations of broker platforms. WowForex only offers information display and consultation services to users and promotes general knowledge and warnings about forex risks.

Rebate Service Process

Users are required to sign a "Risk Agreement" in order to enjoy rebate services. Rebates are applicable only after the deposit transaction is closed, and commission is calculated based on standard lot sizes. WowForex implements different rebate periods for different platforms, with most being settled weekly. Users must operate according to the rebate process and rules of WowForex; failing to follow the rules will result in no rebate being offered.

Regulation and Cooperating Platforms

WowForex's cooperating platforms include ZFX of Shanhai Securities, Windsor, AC Capital, TMGM, GMI, and EBC, etc. These platforms are regulated by authorities such as the UK's FCA and Australia's ASIC. Each platform has its own unique trading instruments, currency spreads, and rebate advantages.

Risk Warning

WowForex emphasizes that forex/CFD margin trading carries significant risks, and losses can exceed the funds deposited. Before deciding to invest in the forex market, users should carefully consider their investment objectives, experience level, and risk appetite. Investors should be aware of all risks related to forex investments and seek advice from WowForex customer service if in doubt.

WowForex homepage

User Support

WowForex provides customer support services, including QQ, official email, as well as telephone and WeChat contact methods. The customer service operating hours are from 9 AM to 11 PM, available all year round. Additionally, the website offers a range of contact methods for users to seek consultations, including telephone, WeChat, etc., to help users understand more about forex trading and rebate information.

Website Traffic and User Attention

The primary source of WowForex's website traffic is organic search, which makes up a large portion of its total traffic. Information on the website's ranking within the financial investment category, as well as user attention, is currently not disclosed.


As a platform providing forex rebate information and services, WowForex emphasizes its independent relationship with forex platforms and users, focusing on providing information display and consultation services. The services offered by the website aim to help users reduce trading costs while emphasizing the risks of forex trading, urging users to be cautious in their investment decisions. By cooperating with multiple regulated platforms, WowForex offers users a diversity of trading options and opportunities for rebates. However, as a third-party information provider, WowForex assumes no risks associated with brokers and users. Users are responsible for the investment risks on the platforms and must make investment decisions based on their own circumstances.

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FAQ About WowForex


What is WowForex's official website?

A: WowForex's official website is https://www.wowforex.com/club/


Is WowForex a legitimate company, or is it a scam?

A: WowForex is currently marked as Active on TraderKnows.


What is WowForex?

A: WowForex is a Forex, IB company.

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